Cowen & Co survey shows strong Apple Mac sales prospects, Boot Camp impact ‘broadly positive’

“Cowen & Company maintained a ‘neutral’ rating on Apple Computer after receiving mixed readings in its latest consumer survey. ‘While Intel CPU transition challenges appear more fully discounted, [the] survey suggests potential for significant slowing in iPod growth,’ wrote analyst Richard Chu in a research note. ‘Indeed, despite more cautious home PC demand overall, Mac prospects look strong,’ said the analyst,” Maya Roney reports for Forbes. “Cowen also surveyed the impact of Boot Camp on Mac mind share and found it to be broadly positive. However, that survey view of forward 12 to 18 month [iPod] demand is clearly weaker, Chu said. ‘That is enough of a caveat to keep us on the sidelines on the stock,’ said the analyst. ‘Given the twin visible axes of its game plan, the Mac and iPod, there can be little question that the stock will tend to fare best when there is perceived to be relatively clear sailing on both fronts.'”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: While we’re not a research firm by any stretch, we do have our own checks and are able to take some measure of the pulse of what’s going on in the Mac world. Our checks indicate that Mac sales (MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac mini) have picked up significantly since the Boot Camp debut and corresponding press coverage. The information we are seeing allows us to confidently state that the ability to run their Windows “insecurty blanket” on Macs via Boot Camp is causing people to buy Apple Macs in increased numbers.

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  1. The day after the Boot Camp announcement, my brother-in-law, who’s never owned a Mac before, asked me to buy him a 20″ dual-core iMac (no sales tax in Portland). The next day I had another inquiry from another long-time Windows user.


  2. I’ve been happily surprised by the number of people I see browsing Apple’s wares these days. Where I live, the closest Apple outlet is the neighborhood CompUSA, which has always put the Macs and iPods in the far corner from the entrance. The first time I went there, two years ago, that part of the store was like a ghost town.

    Recently, I went back to the store to pick up a USB2 card for my 3-year-old PowerMac. I couldn’t believe the activity. There were at least five people playing with the Macs, impressive given the small size of the Apple area. It was the busiest area in the store.

    Oh, and the CompUSA still has the Macs in the far corner, but now with a gigantic “Apple Store” banner with huge letters easily read from the entrance.

    I think we’ve reached a “tipping point”. Apple’s market share and mind share have slowly grown to the point where the mainstream consumer is becoming aware of the Mac and is increasingly interested. There really could be a tidal wave of Mac sales this year.

  3. Stong –

    In Cocoa apps, highlight the word you want to check, and Control Click (or Right Click w/ 2 button mouse). If the word is incorrectly spelled, there will be a suggestion at the top of the contextual menu. Also, you can open the built in dictionary from the same menu.

  4. Lord Robbin

    The Comp USA here in Danvers, ma is just a mess as far as Apple products are concerned. The ipods are usually frozen. Most of the computers are stuck or someone trashed the desktop.
    I’ve seen trashed lap top keys.

    The best thing that ever happened are the Apple retail stores. You can use the equipment and try it out, and it works. It doesn’t look like someone took a hammer to it.

    Comp USA is not the place to buy unless you know already what you want, forget about help.
    One guy was hiding behind the wall and when I went to get him for help he firmly tells me I’m not allowed back there. SO next time I’ll yell over the wall. HS dorks

  5. “Does anyone know of a good free app that will check your spelling as you type in OS X?”

    TextEdit and Mail – both are included in OS X. Check your Applications folder – I bet they are both there.

    The analysts have never cared much about the Apple computers. The reason the stock has climbed so high is that they have become mainstream and sold millions of iPods. If/When they become more mainstream with their computers, then the analysts will figure out that they make money with those too.

  6. A friend of mine told me today that his next laptop will be an Intel based iBook (Macbook?). Bootcamp functionality has EVERYTHING to do with his decision.

    How many people feel the same? I would say about a million.

  7. MDN: “Our checks indicate that Mac sales (MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac mini) have picked up significantly since the Boot Camp debut and corresponding press coverage.”

    Give us some facts, real data, hard numbers not your wishes and hopes.

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