Burst.com sues Apple for iTunes, iPod, QuickTime patent infringement

“Burst.com has filed a countersuit against Apple Computer claiming that the iTunes software, the iPod and the Quicktime streaming software all infringe on patents held by Burst.com, Burst announced Monday,” Tom Krazit reports for CNET. “After being approached by Burst.com in late 2004, Apple had filed for a declaratory judgment in January that it isn’t infringing on Burst’s patents, but Burst is going ahead with its lawsuit, filed Monday in federal court in San Francisco. Burst is asking for royalties as well as an injunction, it said in a press release.”

“Burst has developed software that helps companies speed up the delivery of audio and video files over a network. The company was involved in a similar patent infringement dispute with Microsoft last year that ended with a $60 million settlement and a Microsoft license to the Burst technology,” Krazit reports. “Apple and Burst had held discussions over the past year regarding the patents but never came to any licensing agreement. Apple doesn’t believe the patents are valid, it said in January.”

Full article here.

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  1. I wish they would throw out the idea of software patents completely. Then we could all move along. The patent leeches are choking the industry.

    It won’t happen until Microsoft, Adobe and Apple want it to happen, though. Maybe after they lose a few more of these patent-squatting lawsuits…

  2. Burst CFO: Uh boss, we seem to be running out of money.

    Burst CEO: OMG!! We are done for! Whatever shall we do???!!!

    Burst.com CFO: Well….we could sue Apple Computers and get more money.

    Burst CEO: Wait a minute! I got an idea. Let’s sue Apple Computers! Yeah! That’s a ticket.

    Burst CFO: Wow boss. You are a genius!!

    Burst.com CEO: Yeah. I know. After you file the lawsuit, go pick up my dry cleaning and wash my car.

    Burst.com CFO: Right away, boss!! Gee, I’m so lucky to have smart boss.


    Sorry about the satire. I just couldn’t resist.

  3. Dark Lord Ballmer “My Master, *hissst* what shall we do about the Burst infringment?”

    Emporer Gates“We will fight them lightly and then settle for what they want. They will grow bold and then set their sights on poor Apple for a higher amount”

    Dark Lord Ballmer“Shall I increase the prices of Windows Vista to compensate? Threaten to kill them with a chair?”

    Dark Lord Gates“No, just add another version to the several versions we have already, something without the anti-spyware feature, hohohohho”

    Dark Lord Ballmer“Yesss my master”

  4. SJ: Burst, I would like for you to meet Apple Corps. You two seem to have a lot in common. Why don’t both of you take a break from your pestering us and go out and play in traffic together.

  5. Patents on ideas are stupid. Just like patents on chess moves or business methods. The whole concept of patenting obvious ideas like conveinience(one click buy) or presentation (video streaming) is insane.

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