PC World adds Apple Macintosh to their Top Desktop Windows PC Charts

“Welcome to Our Top Desktop PC Charts, Apple! We’re interested in having you there, that is, if your systems can make the grade. Until now, the fact that Macs didn’t run the same operating system as Windows-based PCs made it nearly impossible to make comparisons between Apple and other brands,” James Motch writes for PC World.

“The new Intel-based Macs’ ability to run Windows changes that, but doesn’t automatically grant admission to the PC World’s Top PC charts. Only the best systems in each category, as judged by our testing standards, can make it,” Motch writes. “So don’t expect the Mac Mini showing up on the Power Desktop charts anytime soon. You could see that system fighting for space on our budget system chart, though… We are very excited about the possibility of including Apple PCs in the desktop charts, and we are looking forward to the final version of Boot Camp.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: ¡Ay, caramba!

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  1. I subscribed to PC World for many years before I switched, and it was my favorite Windows-centric magazine. Let me say again WINDOWS-CENTRIC, as in MS Doze. It makes me a little uneasy when they say, to paraphrase, it wasn’t considered before because it didn’t run Doze.

    They seem to be evaluating Macs based on their ability to run Doze, not as a computer running the superior OS X. Maybe I’m missing the point, but as much as I like the mag, I’m not sure if I’m ready to say this is a good thing. Their point of view will NEVER, NEVER be Apple oriented. But, publicity is GOOD, I agree.

  2. FYI – The other machines listed on the chart are all $3000+ powerhouses and the top model is around $4300. No Mac will appear in that particular chart until the massively powerful “MacPro” line appears which will be the Intel-based replacement for the G5 Quad and will have the equivalent of four processors and sweet video cards like the Quad does.

    So I wouldn’t look for our favorite iMac and MacBookPros’ to appear there any time soon. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    However, an interesting comparison might be to compare the performance of a Mac running OS X against an equivalent Mac running Windows – BUT a copy of Windows that had been allowed to run for a while in the hands of standard users (and so had the default compliment of viruses and spyware on it). With all of the bloat caused by spyware and viruses, the Apple Mac running actual Mac OS X would kill even another Mac running Windows.

    Something for PC Mag to think about, yes?

  3. There is really nothing to compare, the processors are the same, the RAM is the same, the hard drives may differ a little, but everything is just the same.

    Now back in the days where we could argue the advantages of PPC, short pipelines and Altivec against the long pipelines of the Pentium’s. In fact Apple actually ran a ad where a Pentium chip was attached to a snail. Those were the days.

    Well those days are over, along with the processor wars. So it’s almost useless to compare equally processor based PC’s and Mac’s running ‘doZe. There is going to be really not a huge difference between the two. It’s a truly sad day for the world.

  4. I’m GW I like toast and riding my bike. And rummy is doin’ a heck of a job!

    p.s. I don’t use email… I don’t like you people looking through my stuff. And thanks for letting me stealing all the money in the federal treasury and giving it to my good friends, the have mores….heheheheheheheh

  5. They are only willing to look at and write about machines that are running Windows? They should be called Windows World not PC World. There’s more to the “PC world” than Windows. No wonder I can’t even stand to read PC World on a plane.

  6. “Welcome to Our Top Italian Restaurant Charts, XXXXXX! We’re interested in having you there, that is, if your food can make the grade. Until now, the fact that XXXXX didn’t serve the same Sysco-made foods as Olive Garden restaurants made it nearly impossible to make comparisons between XXXXXXX and bottom-market chain restaurants,” Luigi writes for Restaurant World.

  7. Apple parts = Dell parts = HP parts = Gateway parts

    Now it will be even more obvious you’re paying more for just a shiny box and Apple stickers.

    Other than a brief blip on the ticker, the XP on a Mac news has resulted in a univeral “So What?” from the investment community.

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