MSNBC’s Krakow: Boot Camp software lets Microsoft Windows XP fly on Apple Macs

“Not only is the new iMac a spectacular example of computer jewelry — but you can now run Windows XP in addition to OS X on it. I have to admit, it will be very difficult sending this computer back at the end of the test period,” Gary Krakow writes for MSNBC. “Apple was kind enough to send me one of their new iMacs with a 20-inch wide-screen to play with. It just might be the best personal computer on the market today… Using the new iMac is a breeze. Everything you need to use a computer is presented right there in front of you. With all of the built-in software that comes with the latest version of the Mac OS (version 10.4.x) you are ready to do just about all the tasks most people need to do on their computer.”

“As for speed, OS X flies on the 2.0 GHz Intel T500 processor. It’s one of the fastest computers I’ve played with in a long time. For those keeping count, my test computer came with 1 GB (out of a maximum of 2 GB) of memory and a 240 GB hard drive. There’s an available 500 GB hard drive as well. As configured, the test computer would retail for $1,999. Did I mention that the 20-inch, high-definition color screen is amazing? Actually, what’s really amazing is that the entire computer is right behind that beautiful screen — and the enclosure is only and inch and a half deep,” Krakow writes. “As much as I like the latest version of OS X, like many people I need to use Microsoft’s Windows XP for work. The site’s publishing system, built in-house, is only available in Windows. ( is a joint venture between Microsoft and NBC.) So, before Apple’s release of Boot Camp, I was stuck using any number of PCs — some very good, others less so.”

“The result is the fastest version of Windows I’ve ever used. Please believe me, I’m not exaggerating. Windows XP flies on this machine. To be safe, Apple warns that not all Windows stuff might work as you expect under Boot Camp. Baloney! For me, everything works as well — or better — than on my very up-to-date, super-duper Windows laptop,” Krakow writes. “Deserving of special mention is the iMac’s standard, wired mouse. When you use it in OS X it’s a terrific one-button mouse. And when you navigate with it in Windows it performs as a two-button mouse.”

MacDailyNews Note: Wha? Mac OS X also uses the second and third-buttons (side squeeze) on the included Mighty Mouse. Extensively. More about Apple’s Mighty Mouse and how it interacts with Mac OS X here.

Krakow continues, “What you really need to know is if you’re in the market for a new Apple computer you should put the new iMac on your short list. Same if you’re looking for a new PC. With the advent of Boot Camp — which is also set to be included as part of the next OS X upgrade — Apple is marketing one of the best computers available today. Period.”

Full article with much more here.

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    And Bob.

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    America is based on secularism and not founded in the belief the we should run to the church for guidance in government. That’s what the founding fathers were getting away from (Kings and the Chruch). Don’t think so? If it were not so they would have clearly and specifically named a religion that we were to follow and would have put an adendum such as… “well if you’re having trouble figureing something out – go to the preist – he’ll tell you what to do”. It isn’t in there for a good reason.

    Any religion that governs the way people live is bad. If you need it to justify why you are here that is fine, just don’t let your religion justify why I’m here.

    Turn OFF the TV, stop going to church – and start thinking.

    Oh, And I vote (not that it matters any more- thank you Diebold).

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    Please America, the world, for my child’s sake, and all of life’s sake, wake up to the coming Police State.

  3. Let’s take a look at the initial postings…

    “surprised cynic” started it off with a SINGLE SHORT, albeit biased, statement used as a comparison to Bill Gates.

    “Mac Zealot” then wrote the uberhypocritical statement “Keep the political jabs and anti-Bush rhetoric to yourself” as he continues with a 194 word reply brimming with narrow mindedness and concluding with a statement of never-seen-before levels of stupidity and bigotry by lumping his paranoia of Muslims and his homophobia into a single phrase. I was actually impressed by such creativity.

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  8. MacZealot,
    Sorry, but it was Rome And Greece (Europe and America by extension) that started the war a long time ago before muslims even existed. 9/11 was just a small skirmish in a war that has been going on for 4,000 years or more. I really not a religious war its a race war! Whites (the leaders not all white people) against others!

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    oh PS i fear Apple you are getting a bit to close to the dark side of late…. be careful yeah?

  10. “Do you ever stop to think what kind of pickle our country would be in if Kerry, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and the rest of the Democratic leadership were actually running things?”

    bjr: We wouldn’t have been attacked.

    bjr, do you REALLY believe this, you idiot? Yaaaah, riiiiiiiiight. Of course, it goes without saying that we WEREN’T attacked in 1993 — you remember, don’t you, Moron? The FIRST World Trade Center attack? Under . . . (wait for it) . . . CLINTON?

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    He would’ve been about as effective as Jimmy “I’m wearing a sweater and working late” Carter at defending our country.

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