Handful of Mac users report Boot Camp leaves them stuck with Windows, unable to boot into Mac OS X

“Some Mac users are reporting problems with Apple’s Boot Camp, the software that lets Intel-based Macs run Windows. Ironically, some users have said been stuck with Windows, with their hardware left unable to reboot the Mac OS,” Matthew Broersma reports for Techworld. “In a discussion thread on Apple’s technical support Web site, more than a dozen users reported that Boot Camp successfully partitioned their hard drive and allowed them to install a working version of Windows, but then would no longer allow them to switch back.”

“‘It all worked fine until I wanted to start up OS X. Then the startup screen never progressed. I actually left and came back an hour later and it was still just the gear thing spinning around,’ wrote a user from Chicago. ‘Now I’m stuck with a XP/Apple (scary!)’ wrote another user,” Broersma reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Yugo Engine in a BMW” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Public Beta. Luckily, it seems that only a dozen or so poor souls have been stuck with the nightmare of Macs that can only run the inferior of the two operating systems on their drives. Also, according to the report, some of the afflicted said “they had been able to fix the problem using command-line tools or Apple utilities such as Repair Disk [Disk Ultility].”

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  1. Fate worse than death? Worse than that! – I was dumb enough not to back up first.

    For me, I think the issue was that it wasn’t the correct version of XP. It was in retail packaging, but didn’t say sp2, and I didn’t know how to check – throwing caution to the wind, I blew it.

    I should have been warned when it wouldn’t let me set up my sub 32gig partition as fat32, and that it only showed a single partition.

    The odd thing is that it reported the c: partition as around 113gig on a 250 gig drive. Maybe there’s hope my mac is still in there somewhere?

    I did a quick NTFS format, and tried the install. It did its stuff, but never finished. Upon rebooting it kept trying to reinstall windows. So, now the mac partition is dead, the windows partition is dead and I appear to have lost 50gig of music, and 4000 pictures 🙁

    So heres the tech challenge for all you smart(er) folks.

    Is it possible to at least recover my photos?

    > I only did a quick format, so I’m assuming the blocks are just marked as empty, not actually wiped out

    > Its NTFS, so I can’t use Mac recovery software if I boot off cd right?

    > I can get it to boot in target disk mode. Will a PC be able to read it off firewire?

    What I’m thinking is (if it will work) hook the mac to my PC in target mode, use PC data recovery software to yank the files off to the PC, Wipe the Mac and reinstall OSX, drag my files back. (I have NO spare Mac to do this with, so using any other Mac is NOT an option!)

    What are the odds? Any ideas or USEFUL comments?


  2. This problem is fixable. This happened to me when I installed on a MacBook Pro with the mighty mouse plugged in. I later read that there was a problem with installing with the mouse attached. Just boot from the OS X install disk, run Disk Utility, and repair your mac partition. Then reboot. Install Windows without the mouse and it will be FINE.

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