Google unveils Web-based calendar application; interoperates with Apple Computer’s iCal

“Google on Thursday unveiled a free Web-based calendar application that is expected to heat up competition with Yahoo and Microsoft,” Elinor Mills reports for CNET. “The beta version of Google Calendar, which can be accessed without a Gmail account, enables users to search for and add events from within the program or through Web sites that use open standards for calendars. Such sites are invited to add Google Calendar buttons next to events they list.”

“The application interoperates with other calendaring programs that use Apple Computer’s iCal or XML standards. In the coming months, Google Calendar will be able to synchronize with Outlook and mobile devices, Product Manager Carl Sjogreen said. The application works best with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6 and higher, and with Firefox 1.07 and higher. Users must have JavaScript and cookies enabled, Google said,” Mills reports.

Full article here.

Google Calendar here.

MacDailyNews Note: When using Safari 2.0.3, Google Calendar issues the following warning: “Sorry, Google Calendar does not support your browser yet, so things may break in unexpected ways. Press OK to see a list of browsers that we support. Or cancel to try to use it anyways.” We created a test calendar in iCal 2.0.3, exported it ,and successfully imported it into Google Calendar using FireFox 1.5. Fifteen minutes before our test event, the FireFox icon started bouncing in the Mac OS X Dock. Clicking over to FireFox showed a sheet had descended from the browser to indicate the event was due to start soon.

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  1. Macromancer,
    So should Google refuse to do business with a huge international market? Many companies bow to pressure in order to expand their markets. Censorship is an unfortunate reality in China but if Google doesn’t oblige than another one of Google’s competitors will.

  2. Not sure if I’ll use Google’s calendar service (I have a Gmail account but don’t really use it), but it reminds me of a short-coming of .Mac services: There isn’t an intuitive way to just click over to any published calendars on .Mac without either memorizing a too-long url, or by clicking through to the bookmarks that I’ve synced.

    Why not make links to your published calendars available in the “calendar” section on the left side-bar, much like iWeb and HomePage sites are available? It’s not a major deal, but about once a month or so, I think it’d be nice to be able to get to. (If there’s something available via .Mac that I’m missing I’d love to hear about it.)

    Just my 2 cents.

  3. It works with ical before it works with outlook. kick ass.

    I was thinking about switching to windows but I just don’t know if they are compatible with the rest of the computing world. mmm irony tastes good.

  4. Isnt this a total blow for WEBEX?’s business had been based on web application from the very begining, and they even have a premium monthly subscription based calendar. now google is going to drive them into bankruptcy.

    ironicly webex’s stock is up anyway. i guess people are not really paying attention to anything nowadays.

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