Apple iPods, Macs featured 250 times on 38 different network primetime during past four months

“During the past four months, Apple iPods, Macs and other products have been featured 250 times on 38 different network primetime shows, including such hits as ‘CSI: NY’ and ‘The O.C.,’ for a total of 26 minutes of exposure — and all of it was free for one of Hollywood’s biggest brand stars. With its cultural cachet and storied history of giving away tens of thousands of Apple computers to the Hollywood creative community, Apple has had perhaps the greatest success of any brand in embedding its products into film and TV without paying for the integrations, even amid Hollywood’s rush to cash in on branded entertainment deals over the past several years,” Gail Schiller writes for The Hollywood Reporter.

“Many of the Apple placements, as tracked by Nielsen’s Place Views, have handed the computer company key roles in story lines: Stewie did his own rendition of the iPod black silhouette commercial in “Family Guy”; Pamela Anderson and her co-stars tried to figure out who left an iPod behind in the “Stacked” bookstore; and co-workers on “The Office” attempted to trade in their office holiday party gifts for an iPod in a yankee swap. Apple also is featured regularly on “Las Vegas,” with an iLounge populated by iPods and iMacs as a permanent part of the set,” Schiller writes. “Apple has reportedly spent millions of dollars providing free Macs for the Hollywood community over the past 15-20 years. The investment clearly has paid off. Despite a tiny share of the worldwide PC market, Apple is by far the most widely used PC by fictional characters in film and television.”

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MacDailyNews Take: “I wonder what the average Windows PC user thinks when they see Macintosh computers in virtually every movie, almost every television show, magazines, and most ads requiring a computer as a prop. Do they go home to their Pavilion and wonder why it’s not in the movie they just saw? Do they look at the Mac on the desk of the television show’s main character and then glance at their Gateway lump wondering why it’s not being used instead? What do they think? I’d really like to know. If I spent hours and hours each day with a product, but routinely saw another foreign product being used on TV, in films, and in print, I think I’d wonder, ‘gee, maybe I should take a look at that product, maybe it has something my product doesn’t have, maybe it’ll work better for me.’ I mean, that’s exactly why I give each version of Windows the once over with each successive bloatware party Redmond throws. I need to see how close Microsoft has come to copying the Mac. Never remotely close enough to even consider switching to a Windows PC so far, but I’d never consider ignoring Windows. Yet, I get the feeling that millions of Windows users are ignoring the Macintosh as if it didn’t exist,” SteveJack wrote in a MacDailyNews article back in November 2002.

“Maybe they don’t even recognize that it’s a Mac they’re looking at, it just registers as ‘computer’ generically in their mind? …I just think that if I spent, say 8-10 hours per day using a product, I’d wonder why those people seem to really love their computers, and I just tolerate mine when I’m not utterly ambivalent or downright pissed about it. Wouldn’t you wonder why Mac users love their computer when you or no one you’ve ever heard of can muster more than ‘a computer is a tool, it’s a machine, not a religion’ mantra when referring to Windows-based PC’s? …I honestly want to know what you think when you see, for instance, a Mac saving the world in the movie ‘Independence Day’ or iMacs littering the set of your favorite TV show or overhear Mac users talking about how they love the Mac OS,” SteveJack wrote. “Do you regard the Macintosh as the Dan Marino of personal computers; the best in nearly every category, but somehow unworthy because it hasn’t won the Super Bowl of market share? Are you curious? Unmoved? Filled with hatred? Too busy? What?”

Full article, “I really wonder what some Windows users think about Macintosh” – an interesting article to revisit nearly 3 and a half years later, here.

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  1. Watch Nova, Frontline & other shows on news, science & technology. Many times, when scientists, researchers and others are being interviewed, there is a Mac on their desk. Keep your eyes open and you will see Macs being used by people doing amazing things in real life.

  2. First Post! And one person told me that he doesn’t wonder about why all the Macs are in movies and stuff. He says, “Because everyone knows, that’s all they’re good for!” Naturally, I had to restrain myself from giving him a dope slap.

  3. I still remember when producers had to beg Apple to let them use products in the show. Anybody remember Moonlighting?

    The producers actually had to go out and buy a bunch of Macs because Apple wouldn’t give them any kind of discount. Of course, in Apple’s defense, part of the reason they had Macintoshes was that it was David’s job to waste money.

    I remember reading an interview in MacWeek with the producers and how surprised they were about all the mail they were getting about the Macs on the show–and the fact that they put Maddie’s external disk drive on the “wrong side.” (The Mac 128K/512K’s “analog board” ran along the left side of the computer and there was anecdotal evidence that if you had your external floppy drive on the left side of the computer, you would have more corrupted floppies.)

    My favorite “insider” thing, though, was the MacWeek mug by the coffee machine. In theory, the only way to get a MacWeek mug was to send in a rumor to their resident rumor monger, “Mac the Knife.” Since the show took place in a detective agency, it sort of made sense…

    Anyway, when the show became a hit, Apple gave them a Macintosh II and a Macintosh SE. But everybody else in the office was still using “old” Macs.

  4. I like to watch Veronica Mars. In addition to being a great show, the people behind it are obviously Macheads. It is funny to see how the apple log is cunningly obscured each week though, this week there was a red fish type thing. More often it’s the boring silver circle, or just another object placed in the way.

    Her dad seems to have a pc though, which is a shame.

    In addition no-one seems to ever password their machines so it’s always incredibly easy for her to go in and take all their emails and personal files. I can forgive that though because in real life most people don’t bother either.

  5. My physics prof (very smart guy) once did the demonstration of centripetal force with the water in the bucket. He slipped a little and splashed a laptop close to him. When someone pointed it out to him, he nonchalantly said “Oh, it’s just a windows machine so who cares.”

  6. @think: 10 years????

    Sheesh – long term in the stock world is a year or so. 10 years? Why not 20 or 50 years?

    “Stop your complaining or get out of the stock market.”

    LOL – spoken like a true stock trading genius.

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