Analysts focus on iPod, Mac growth as Apple reports earnings results on April 19

“Apple Computer Inc. reports its second-quarter results on April 19, and as often the case, analysts are looking for iPod sales to provide a glimpse into the iconic computer company’s overall health. Analysts surveyed by Thomson First Call estimate Apple will earn 43 cents a share on $4.54 billion in revenue. During the same period a year ago, Apple earned 34 cents a share on revenue of $3.24 billion,” Rex Crum reports for MarketWatch. “iPod sales will be in the spotlight, as the company is coming off a year-ending quarter in which it shipped a staggering 14 million of the music and video players. Such numbers would be nearly impossible to meet without the impetus of the Christmas or back-to-school seasons, but several analysts still estimate Apple will show iPod sales of almost 9 million units.”

“While Apple’s announcement of the release of Boot Camp, a software application that allows Apple’s Intel-powered Macs to run Microsoft Corp.’s Windows XP operating system, was released in early April and will have no bearing on Apple’s second-quarter results, analysts have called the release a “game changer” and anticipate it spurring more Mac sales through the rest of the year,” Crum reports.

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  1. There are 2 possible outcomes, stock will either go down about 3% if Steve jobs reports bad news since everyone has already quit based on concerns.

    or it can go up 35%. ( to around $94 )

    We know Steve is never into reporting bad news, if sales were not good he probably would have done heavier advertising during the 1st quarter.

  2. Apple is going to go to 120 or 130 a share this year. Of course, no one sees it becasue they all are factoring in historic everything, and nothing attributable to the unseeable.

    Go long in Apple and put blinders on. It will trend up for sure. On the way, MMs are going to have their fun at retail investors who follow it day to day and are influenced easily.

    Apple is the only tech investment game in town because they are innovators.

  3. I think the upcoming pixar/disney movie ‘ Cars ‘ will have a link to next ipod, maybe there will be 2 new ipods, an iphone ipod and a ipod cinema,

    ( ipod cinema might be released 1 month before the movie ‘CARS’ so everyone gets one and ready’s themselves to ‘exclusively’ download the movie on their ipod cinema )

  4. The picture is becoming more and more clear. The real reason for retooling Vista is the secret deal between Steve, Bill & Intel where Apple switches its market strategy to a retailer of iPods and computer boxes. M’soft becomes an OS monopoly (almost there anyway) run on every kind of box and laptop, including those branded by Apple.

    The gamble is whether Steve can stay ahead of the frenetic buyers of rap and porn.

    If you think he is right, you are a buyer. If not, it’s hard to figure what you are.

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