RUMOR: New Apple MacBook to come in colors

“When Apple Computer introduces its new line of Intel-based consumer notebooks this spring, the company may once again offer buyers a fashionable option it phased out of its iMac product line nearly half a decade ago: colored enclosures,” Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider.

“People often familiar with the tight-lipped company’s ambitions say current plans call for the Mac maker to introduce the MacBook in colors other than white. Apple has reportedly been guarding the colored models closer than the notebooks themselves, in area of its labs privy to only a select few of its elite, these people say. Therefore, it’s unclear precisely what colors the company will ultimately approve for production and if it will indeed offer a black model like it does with its iPod and iPod nano digital players,” Jade reports. “Still, the most reliable information appears to point to at least two colored MacBook models. Unlike the 90’s when Apple jazzed up its iMacs in semi-translucent plastics, the colored MacBooks are more likely sport solid-shade, sleek enclosures similar to the company’s professional MacBook Pro laptops. In fact, those people familiar with prototypes of the forthcoming notebooks say their overall design is reminiscent of the MacBook Pro, only ‘comfortably smaller.'”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Would you like yours in Blue Dalmatian or Flower Power?

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  1. My Mom has a 700mhz iBook, it’ve been so good to her and she love it… I used it once in a while. Great design, solid made! in its class. I am sure next iBook(MacBook) even better… lookin’ forward to it!

  2. I actually liked the Flower Power iMac (not the Dalmatian – blrrgggh)
    so there is no accounting for taste.

    However the white iBooks (not the clamshell – also blrgggghhh!) were fabulous to look at. I hope the the new MacBooks are as style-full.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they adopt a white+metallic look like the Mac mini.
    It gives a robust yet workmanlike appearance, and if they go for colour then maybe the metal would be coloured like the popular iPod mini.
    I can’t see them returning to the type of colouring of the original iMacs… passé.

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