Intel’s Merom 64-bit CPU reportedly swappable into current Apple Mac mini

“The same XtremeSystems site owner who reported that the Mac mini could be processor upgraded simply by swapping out the socketed Intel processor, now reports that the unreleased Merom 64-bit mobile processor is also similarly compatible,” arn reports for MacRumors.

It is possible to drop in Merom into Mini, one hell of an upgrade path. confirming this is a working combo, just drop the chip in.

“Further details are limited, presumably due to non-disclosure agreements for pre-release hardware. Intel’s Merom processor is a mobile 64-bit processor due in late 2006,” arn reports. “The Merom is said to offer 20% more performance than the current Core Duo at the same battery life… This backward compatible capability has been advertised by Intel.”

More info and links in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Rainy Day” for the heads up.]

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  1. Taking a page right out the PC increase market share playbook.

    I wonder if we will start seeing a cheap tower from Apple next.

    I guess there isn’t a whole lot Apple can do, if the socket allows a upgrade, people will do it. I think it’s a good thing, but Apple relies heavy upon people upgrading their hardware.

  2. how impossible would it be to upgrade an intel imac or macbookpro?
    To get 64 bit back into macs again is needed, although windows xp still doesn’t fully support 64 bit yet…….and i wonder, does osx for intel supprot 64 bit? bugs?

  3. Actually I should correct that statement.

    Apple does intend to slide to Windows, so this is not surprising, either.

    With Microsoft onboard and their juggernaught advertising goliath, Apple can play by the same rules as Dell and H.P. and concentrate on market share instead of margin for a change.

    I know it hurts, but I am right, you shall see.

  4. Hey Morty, how do you know what Apple will or will not do? Does Steve Jobs whisper his secrets to you? Maybe you’re a Mac Psychic!

    All you have are baseless opinions that you pulled from your unusually large behind!

  5. Oooooh, this is serious pee-pee in the kool-aid for Apple. They can’t re-charge out the Wazoo for those riders upgrading on the PC (oops, I meant “Intel Mac”) bandwagon.

    What a revelation, The freakin’ Lid Comes OFF! Welcome to what the other 95% of the world has been doing for years.


  6. Morty, you’re not paying attention. Apple is in love with OS X. Steve Jobs is in love with OS X. You will never see apple abandon it. EVER. There’s no money in playing the same game as HP and Dell. They’ve already thinned out margins so much for everyone it would make absolutely no financial sense for Apple to jump into a stagnant market.

    I think one thing can be gleaned from your two posts: you have never used OS X Tiger for any significant period of time.

  7. “how impossible would it be to upgrade an intel imac or macbookpro?”

    From what I understand, it should be just as easy for an iMac. However, the CPU is soldered onto the motherboard on a MacBook Pro, so I don’t think you’ll be upgrading your laptop.

    Of course, swapping out your CPU will certainly void your warranty. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” />

  8. Vista, you honestly think 95% of all PC users out there upgrade their processors? That’s an inane assumption, sorry to be blunt, but most PC users buy new boxes when their systems get old just like most Mac users. Imagine mom and dad going “processor shopping”; ridiculous. It’s the 4% of us geeks out there who actually upgrade our processors. Let’s be honest here.

  9. Morty stop making yourself, and all the other Windoze tools, look like the idiots you are. Apple invested millions of dollars and thousands of man-hours into developting an OS that it plans to abanondon in favor of an obsolete and bug ridden OS that only runs second rate software?

    Okey dokey.

    And Pixar is going to do Lion King 3.

    Stoopid f&ck;.

    Why is it so hard for you to understand that their is no money in the comodity PC business?

  10. This will make techies happy!!!

    and it will dispel the unupgradeable myth.

    in the end, it’s good for apple.

    It will get a market Apple does NOT have right now.

    Apple has the tech-poor people on their side, but the people who actually know what they’re doing with a computer gravitate towards something they can modify, and don’t like the artiicial walls apple creates around their products.

    I know you will all flame and stuff…. but go ahead. I don’t read after I post.

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