Analyst: Apple Computer to report second best quarter in its 30 year history

“American Technology Research senior analyst Shaw Wu today commented on Apple’s forthcoming report of its March quarter financial results, and believes the company will report the second best quarter in its 30 year history. Wu says Apple may exceed its guidance of $4.3 billion in revenue and $0.38 in EPS, modeling $4.4 billion, $0.43, and 8.8 million iPods versus a market consensus of $4.6 billion and $0.44. ‘We continue to believe Apple will guide conservatively reflecting efforts to reduce inventory of PowerPC Macs and older iPod nanos,’ Wu wrote in a research note… The analyst said that consensus revenue estimates for the June quarter remain unrealistically high, however, and warns that Apple will likely make another attempt to reset expectations. American Technology Research maintains a ‘Buy’ rating on Apple’s stock,” MacNN reports.

Full article here.

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  1. GO APPLE!!!

    Hope this Windows on Mac stradgety works, although I think eventually the worst could happen.

    So Apple becomes another PC vendor, at least Mac OS X will have another lifeline, the first being the iPod of course.

  2. This Wu guy bugs me. Apple’s own projections were for their second biggest quarter ever. His prognostications suck. If I remember correctly, he was proven WAY off not too long ago, but now seems to kind of echo Piper Jaffray.

    Piper Jaffray are better– they clearly understand where Apple is going.

    MDN word– “higher” as in, “AAPL better be goin’ higher!”

  3. It will probably tank because investors are strange beasts. They will have had unrealistic expectations that their quarter should have been 4x the best quarter ever. Therefore, they will presume Apple is doing terrible and they are probably going out of business soon and Steve is a liar and Mac is a dead platform. Investors are fatalistic pessimists.

  4. If they want an Apple pc thats a whole different idea, of course they will switch. However just switching to be able to experience bootcamp, aka same thing they already using ( windows xp ) , its unrealistic

  5. I’ll be keeping an eye on the mac sales. If they consistantly post 1.2 M or more then that will be good.

    The trend is that Apple are gaining market share. As with the iPods the more macs they sell the lower their overheads are per unit. We’ve seen huge profits margins coming from the large jump in pod sales. Looks to me that the same will soon happen to macs. At that point Apple will post some seriuosly wicked profits.

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