IT specialist: Apple’s Boot Camp ‘definitely makes the Mac more attractive’

“Apple Computer’s development of software that lets Intel-based Macintosh systems run Windows XP natively met with the approval of several Mac-friendly IT managers, who said that the embrace of Microsoft’s operating system will make it easier to deploy Apple hardware. Until now, Mac users who needed to run some Windows applications have had to do so in emulation mode using tools such as Microsoft’s Virtual PC, which exacts a serious performance toll. But Apple’s Boot Camp software, which was released for public beta testing with little fanfare, enables Windows XP to run on the new Macs just as it does on desktop and laptop PCs,” Linda Rosencrance and Ken Mingis write for Computerworld.

“Boot Camp creates a hard-drive partition for Windows XP and lets users choose between it and Apple’s Mac OS X operating system each time they start their computers. The dual-booting capability ‘definitely makes the Mac more attractive,’ said Micah Lamb, a microcomputer support specialist in the IT services department at Baylor University in Waco, Texas,” Rosencrance and Mingis write. “Lamb said that Baylor has routinely had end users who preferred Apple’s hardware to PCs but needed Windows to run applications central to their jobs. Boot Camp will let them have it both ways, he said. In addition, the new software essentially makes the Mac two computers in one, Lamb said. ‘You can buy a traditional Wintel box and run Windows only, or you can buy a new ‘Mactel’ box and run both Windows and Mac OS X.'”

Full article here.

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  1. With all these recent developments, our peecee WinBlows trolls should be wearing diapers. {Think about it}

    1. LongTooth (a.k.a. Asta La Vista) is “delayed” yet again.

    2. Apple Intel Macs can run WinBlows, even better than most Dull peecee boxes.

    3. Next generation of Mac OS X, Leopard will be out in a few months.

    So be nice to our trolls; treat them like mushrooms: feed ’em shit and keep ’em in the dark.

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  2. There are several groups of people who will make good use of the OS dichotomy now offered:

    – for the lecture hall setup, the Mac will now run MacOS or Win, allowing seminar speakers to run their presentations in the OS they were put together (no lacking pictures or strange fonts)

    – in mixed environments, you can buy a Mac and run either MacOS or Win, depending on the user’s preference; more specifically, a Mac can be passed on to a Mac person or a Win person

    – in financial departments, the bean counter software can run on Win, with LAN connectivity disabled. A simple reboot will let the poor bean counter enjoy the internet safely

    I can say that we ordered several new Mac minis already for the lecture hall and the seminar rooms.

  3. MacDudeness: Looks good don’t it?

    Uh, no. Was that a screen shot of Vista? MS still can’t make a clean looking GUI can they? “Shane, welcome to your computer” – what, like he thought it was his toaster? How ridiculous does it get? What’s next, a Microsoft mouse with “MOUSE” printed on top? Shane, welcome to a company that thinks your too stupid to realize what your sitting in front of.

    Hey wait a minute…the Start button doesn’t say “Start” anymore! WOAH! How are people going to figure out where to Start if it doesn’t say “Start”? Oh my God! Do you realize what the repercussions of this could be? This is a disaster! Somebody get Ballmer on the phone! Offer him donuts, twinkies, anything but we’ve got to get “Start” back on the Start button!

    Jesus H. Christ! These MS coders try and get cute and almost cause a catastrophe. It a damn good thing I’m here. You can all thank me later. One at a time preferably. Ladies first.

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