IT specialist: Apple’s Boot Camp ‘definitely makes the Mac more attractive’

“Apple Computer’s development of software that lets Intel-based Macintosh systems run Windows XP natively met with the approval of several Mac-friendly IT managers, who said that the embrace of Microsoft’s operating system will make it easier to deploy Apple hardware. Until now, Mac users who needed to run some Windows applications have had to do so in emulation mode using tools such as Microsoft’s Virtual PC, which exacts a serious performance toll. But Apple’s Boot Camp software, which was released for public beta testing with little fanfare, enables Windows XP to run on the new Macs just as it does on desktop and laptop PCs,” Linda Rosencrance and Ken Mingis write for Computerworld.

“Boot Camp creates a hard-drive partition for Windows XP and lets users choose between it and Apple’s Mac OS X operating system each time they start their computers. The dual-booting capability ‘definitely makes the Mac more attractive,’ said Micah Lamb, a microcomputer support specialist in the IT services department at Baylor University in Waco, Texas,” Rosencrance and Mingis write. “Lamb said that Baylor has routinely had end users who preferred Apple’s hardware to PCs but needed Windows to run applications central to their jobs. Boot Camp will let them have it both ways, he said. In addition, the new software essentially makes the Mac two computers in one, Lamb said. ‘You can buy a traditional Wintel box and run Windows only, or you can buy a new ‘Mactel’ box and run both Windows and Mac OS X.'”

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  1. I don’t have the time or the skill.. but I want to see a picture of an iMac with a OSX button and a Win button.

    And guess what, the OSX button is all nice and shiny from use, while the Win button is all dusty and cobwebby!!

    The future is Mac hey?!

  2. The whole world is excited because finally an Apple computer will be able to run a world class enterprise operating system like XP and/or the soon to be released Vista (note: Vista is far superior to OS X).

    We in the “real IT world” will now be able to install Microsoft OS and all of the enterprise class software and utilities that are found in the MS world.

    Why any developer would even thinking about porting existing Mac software to the Universal Binary or let alone develop a new piece of software as a Universal Binary is beyond me.

    We can now develop IE only .NET applications and nobody can complain… what fun this will be to watch the Apple market share vaporize overnight.

    The future is Windows – not Apple. The cost a developing for a OS that has less then 2% (OS X market penetration) of the market is akin to economic suicide.

    These new boxes run Windows !

    …the OS war is over an Microsoft has won !


  3. Sputnik has got to be the BIGGEST MORON on this forum.

    All Boot Camp is going to do is show people WITH A BRAIN that OSX OWNS Windows in nearly every way.

    Only the clueless tools like yourself and Macdude believe otherwise.

    Guess you dolts don’t do anything creative on your computers. Your comments would seem to indicate the lack of creative skills.

    I guess the boring nerds in the population would probably not appreciate OSX as compared to Windows, but there are a lot more people out there who would and do.

    You guys are pathetic.

    I feel sorry for you.

  4. Sputnik:

    Mac marketshare is currently 4.3 percent according to IDC NOT 2 percent.

    Developers will continue to develop Mac versions of applications BECAUSE Mac marketshare will grow dramatically.. Just because Macs are capable of booting into Windows does not mean that all Macs will have Windows installed on them… The majority of the Mac installed base are on PPC and will be for at least several more years.. Even when PPC users purchase new Intel Macs, there is no telling how many will actually fork out the cash to purchase Windows..

    As Mac marketshare increases Windows switchers will see the benefits of OSX and begin using Windows less and less.. Mac applications will be in even greater demand.

  5. Sputnik,

    Yes, we can still complain because .NET applications pretty much suck. But, Windows does justify your professional existence, so I see why you pump Windows.

    Have you tried porting any existing Mac software to the Universal binary? I assume you are able to click on a simple radio box button when you recompile, yes? Well, you did say it was beyond you.

    For those who’ve actually followed Apple’s best practices, porting is a simple recompile.

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