MacDrive bridges Apple ‘Boot Camp’ gap; allows access to files on Mac disks directly from Windows

Now that Intel-based Macintosh computers can run Windows XP, users are turning to Mediafour’s MacDrive software to access files on Mac disks directly from Windows. Apple’s Boot Camp software makes Windows XP work on all Intel-based Macintosh computers, but users are frustrated that they can’t access their Mac files from Windows applications.

Mediafour’s MacDrive software provides Windows users with seamless access to files on all Mac disks. No special steps are required—with MacDrive installed, Mac disks automatically appear and act like standard Windows disks.

“Running Windows XP on the Mac is fantastic,” said Brian Landwehr, president of Mediafour in the press release. “But the lack of access to files on Mac disks is a big problem. MacDrive is a must-have for anyone running Windows XP on their Mac.”

With MacDrive installed on an Intel-based Mac, a Windows XP user can not only seamlessly read and write files on the computer’s OS X boot partition, but also files on all HFS and HFS+ disks, including external USB and FireWire drives. MacDrive also burns Mac CDs and DVDs. You can learn more about MacDrive and using Windows XP on Intel-based Macs at

MacDrive is available for purchase online at and from retailers nationwide for $49.95. You can also try MacDrive for free by visiting

System Requirements:
MacDrive is compatible with Windows XP running on any Intel-based Macintosh computer, and also works with Windows XP, 2000, Me or 98SE running on any standard PC.

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  1. HELP ME !!!!!!!! OK i just got done trying to send an email attactment of a couple of files I am working on k. I use hotmail so when I tried attaching the file it said that it contained a virus and wouldn’t let me send it. Does this mean I have a virus on my mac that I don’t know about?????????? If so what should I do??????????


    Without MacDrive, your Mac partitions are safe from Windows, because Windows software can’t read or write on a UFS or HFS+ volume. But MacDrive will give WIndows-based software complete access to your Mac volumes, including all Users, root, and system directories.

    If people install MacDrive, they are just begging the Script Kiddies to modify Windows-based viruses to install Mac-based spyware or other malware, or even to disable critical security components in Mac OS X.


    I wouldn’t run MacDrive on my ex-wife’s machine. Even if I had an ex-wife.

  3. Sum jung’s comment = Head on the nail…

    That’s exactly why Apple did not include this functionality with boot camp..

    Apple will allow the Windows partition of your Mac get infected, but they are making sure that OSX remains safe.

  4. I’m a novice at this stuff, but doesn’t Boot Camp allow hackers to get their viruses and other malware onto your Mac? And wouldn’t it then be possible to access the “OS X” side of your machine through programs like MacDrive?

  5. If the people at microsoft have any brains they would add HFS support them selves to Win XP so that the viruses could also do damage to Mac OS X partition… That’s what I would do to counter attack Apple!

    Don’t get me wrong I’ve been using Macs since OS 7.x

  6. and so it begins…why in god’s name, would I want to access a family photo from my Mac HD? I mean seriously, I thought this whole XP on a Mac was suppose to be about doing things you can’t do on a Mac — such as AutoCad. But why would anyone want to port over pictures to XP??!! Window users, who are ignorant and cursing at there Mac will install XP — realize that they are more comfortable using what they know ( i.e. XP) — Stay using XP and briskly use Mac OS X — they will go from little tasks on XP, to everyday communication on XP and doing so will mean when it’s time to upgrade..Guess what? They hardly used OS X, was comfortable using XP, it’s time to upgrade — I’m buying a less expensive machine, minus OS X..I mean, it’s not like they even used it on there Intel Mac….this is very bad news…FOlks.

  7. EZ Mac, from my understanding Windows viruses can be in email files on a Mac, it just won’t infect your Mac. However, if you transfer those files to your Windows system, uh oh.

  8. If a virus or anything effects the OSX partition, it has NOTHING to do with OSX. Any program will see the data on the drive as PURE DATA, not OSX. So if someone write a virus to format the OSX partition, its nothing different then some one writing a virus to format your 2nd hard drive.

    Anyone who thinks that OSX isnt “secure” because of this possibility is stupid, and ignorant of reality.

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