Apple reseller: Boot Camp could sway a ‘huge percentage’ of PC users to go to the Mac

“Apple’s new tool to enable Intel-based Macintosh computers to run Microsoft Windows XP could lure more PC users to Mac hardware, but support and performance questions remain, solution providers said,” Russell Redman reports for CRN. “Plans call for the final version of Boot Camp to be part of Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard,” the next major release of the Mac operating system, due to be previewed in August at the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco.

“Boot Camp gives Windows PC users more incentive to switch to the Mac because they can use one computer to run Windows and Mac applications, said Sonny Tohan, CEO of Mac Business Solutions, a Gaithersburg, Md.-based Apple solution provider,” Redman reports. “Mac customers that needed to purchase inexpensive PCs to handle functions that required Windows apps will no longer have to do so, Tohan said. ‘The biggest loser out of this is Dell. We’ve got so many clients who buy Macs to do most of their Mac stuff and then buy a cheap Dell to run certain [Windows] apps that they couldn’t run on the Mac. Well, they won’t be buying that anymore.'”

“Boot Camp could sway a ‘huge percentage’ of PC users to go to the Mac, said George Swords, marketing manager at PowerMacPac, a Portland, Ore.-based Apple VAR,” Redman reports. “‘The biggest issue of all is going to be for end users to understand that when they install Windows on their computer, they’ll be responsible for the support of that,’ Swords said… Boot Camp also may not prove practical to users because they would have to reboot their computers to switch between the Mac and Windows environments, said Apple specialist David Salav, president of Webistix, a Holbrook, N.Y., solution provider. ‘I’m not sure if it serves a useful purpose right now,’ he said. ‘When they create a scenario where you could have fast user switching between the two operating systems, then that would be good.'”

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  1. By the time Leopard arrives, it won’t be Boot Camp (although that may be an option), it will be fast OS switching with an option to suspend activity on one OS while working in the other. Better offer 8 Gigs of RAM in laptops.

  2. Dell will come back – they’ll just do something creative..

    You know, better marketing…

    Maybe “Dell Fuglion – it’s a Dell PC with an even UGLIER design!”

    Or maybe “Buy a Dell, get a mail-in rebate for a free prostrate exam!”

    It could happen.

  3. I’m hoping this is just a warm up for the REAL MS/Dell slayer, a way to run Windows apps (read that as Office and Games) without having to load or run that large piece of malware known as Windows XP or its mythical step child Vista

  4. ‘When they create a scenario where you could have fast user switching between the two operating systems, then that would be good.’

    I can switch between my mac and windows partition on my new iMac in less than a minute. No real delay there. It boots AMAZINGLY fast in both os’s

  5. Boot camp is a clever title. It conveys two things:

    1) the option of booting in both OS X and Windows


    2) Working in windows is comparable to the torture that is going to boot camp.

  6. I love all the articles over the last week.

    Maybe. Might. Could.

    Anyway. The real killer will be if Apple figures out a way to run Windows apps in OSX and somehow apply the OSX interface look and feel.
    There is your holy grail. There is your Dell killer. There is your MS killer.

  7. Almost without fail the first thing a Windows user tells me about his or her machine is how cheaply they bought their computer.

    The second thing they brag to me is how many applications they they can run despite having about a dozen or so applications loaded on their hard drives, using about half of those with any regularity.

    Third thing they go on and on about is all the trouble with adware, viruses, OS problems and the like.

    Point is that many, many people will continue to buy cheapo boxes and feel that they are getting the same thing as a Mac. They balk at the price of a Mac without really knowing the big difference between the two.

    Schools, government agencies and businesses are three biggies that I can think of off hand.

    Redman’s point is well taken, however. I believe that a lot of people will buy a Mac now because of Boot Camp.

    The Mac has a great OS, industrial design and the hardware is very reliable. And I hope that 10.5 has the APIs and such to run Windows and Linux programs in a Darwine-like fashion.

  8. “I can switch between my mac and windows partition on my new iMac in less than a minute. No real delay there. It boots AMAZINGLY fast in both os’s”

    Yeah, but you can’t currently carry clip board items from one OS to the other because of the, albeit fast, shutdown/restart.

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