Enderle: Apple’s Boot Camp allowing Windows on Mac ‘could change PC landscape as we know it’

“One of the big unanswered questions in the market is whether Apple, if they moved to Windows, would be more or less successful. Up until now this has been a hypothetical argument with lots of opinion but very little fact behind it. One thing has been clear and that is Apple, in the PC market, has a market share that over trivializes a company that otherwise has a big footprint in the space,” Rob Enderle writes for Technology Pundits. “By enabling Windows XP to run on the Mac, Apple will immediately begin to capture how many people are working, when they are now given a choice, in Windows or the MacOS on Mac hardware. In addition, if, as expected, sales jump sharply this will provide the foundation for more overt Windows support in the future and, possibly even bigger changes at Apple.”

The important thing is that this will give Apple real world intelligence on just what those decisions should be and they could include:
• Restructuring, or spinning out, part of the company
• Expanding hardware to address a wider variety of customers and the increasing market share
• Scaling back, eliminating or, enhancing (like changing to the Windows kernel) the MacOS
• Rebuilding a direct corporate sales force to, once again, go after that market

“This is an incredibly gutsy move because a lot of people, both inside and outside, the company will not like some of the decisions that could result… Still, companies thrive on making smart decisions and taking intelligent risks, you don’t do either without good information and this should give Apple the information it needs to transform the company into something vastly more powerful then it is today. While many users may not like this, investors will love it and they, along with the new customers Apple is likely to get, should be ecstatic. One other group should initially like this a lot and that is the large number of Apple users who have had to maintain two machines, one for Windows, and one for the MacOS. Now they only need one and they should like that a lot,” Enderle writes.

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MacDailyNews Take: Why Enderle is currently in love (see related article below: “Enderle: What if Microsoft bought Apple?”) with the idea of replacing Mac OS X’s sound foundation with the “Windows kernel,” he never explains. Perhaps because it makes no real sense. Taking Boot Camp and transforming it into a technology that allows for switching OSes like Mac OS X’s Fast User Switching — hit a key, flip the 3-D cube, there’s Mac OS X, do it again, there’s Windows for times when you have to use it; flipping back and forth with a shared Clipboard, keeping Windows in a protected sandbox within Mac OS X in some fashion — that sounds a lot more appealing to us than wrecking Mac OS X with the “Windows kernel.” Even more appealing, of course, would to have a working Darwine supported by Apple that would run Windows-only apps without needing to use Microsoft’s Windows at all.

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  1. The big winner is EDUCATION. This is a great computer for computer labs and student laptops.

    The second place goes to the thousands of us who are required to use a PC at home to connect to the work VPN and Exchange server to access documents, yet we really refer a Mac.

    Third place goes to the accounts departments of Mac-based companies. They’re always the embarrasing area that Macs cannot infiltrate. Now the Mac support teams can take over that final bastion, even if some machines are always booting Windows. The point is flexibility – support can choose the same machine to be always-Mac, always-Win or a combination.

    MW: ‘Ball’ – Apple is on it!

  2. Think…. just got my 20″imac intel core duo yesterday. Bought it with the educational discount.

    With applecare, wireless keyboard and mouse, and 2g of ram from memorytogo.com it came to $2300+…

    Just buying it straight, with no improvements would have brought it to $1990 after taxes.

    Switch My S may be wrong about the release of vista, but he’s right on about the cost of owning a mac.

  3. Let’s remember who our friend Rob Enderle is for a second. This is the guy who said that Tiger was a ripoff of Longhorn, that Microsoft wrote the original MacOS, and that Linux users are terrorists.

    Please stop linking to this asshole.

  4. Apple drop Mac OS for Windows? That is completely insane and anyone who thinks it’s not insane has clearly been unconscious for the past 30 years.

    Magic Word = Products. Apple’s products are clearly superior, why would I trade in my Ferarri for a Yugo?

  5. Anyone that thinks Steve Jobs has enought respect for Microsoft Windows hack to replace any part of OS X is out of their mind.

    I YOU think Windows XP is bad – consider what Steve Jobs must think about it.

    It is a necessary evil that will be delt with. That is all Apple is doing.

    MDN MW – Systems

  6. Anyone can go buy the more expensive version of any product.
    But when people wine that Macs are expensive and use a cost from the middle or high end product, plus load it up with extras, I have a problem with that.
    It does not reflect the true cost to “enter” the Mac world. I can go buy the entry level iMac for $1299 or a Mac Mini for $599 if I got a keyboard and monitor already. (Many people do)

    I got nothing against buying the faster or more feature laden product, but when “Switch My S” implies that you gotta spend $2000 to get an iMac and then says “whata waste of 3-4gs”, what the price just jumped another $1000 to $2000 more? What the hell is that?

    Simple. You want to try this Boot Camp thing, $599 gets you a Mac Mini. If you got an existing PC, use the keyboard and monitor.

    For the geeks, you technically already own a license of Windows XP on that PC. You just need to get the Media to install it.

  7. If Enderle has any sense at all, he will realize that M$ should contract Apple to write Vista. that way, M$ will have a much better OS to sell! Instead, Rob Enderle just keep dreaming about Paris Hilton! Sad!!!

  8. Jim – the independent voter:

    ‘Switch My S’ is wrong about Macs and pricing. You’re talking about a 20inch iMac with 2GB of RAM and wireless keyboard/mouse, which I’d suggest is very unrepresentative of the majority of – out of the box – pc purchases.

    So with that in mind, buying a 17inch iMac – straight out of the box – comes to $1299 [before tax], which I’m sure you know. For that you get 512MB RAM/160GB HD, dual-layer DVD SuperDrive, built-in iSight camera, built-in Airport Extreme & Bluetooth/keyboard/mighty mouse. Adding Applecare takes that to $1468. Add to that the excellent – FREE – software we all love and use: iPhoto/iDVD/iMovie HD/iTunes/iChat AV/iSync/Address Book/Mail/iCal/Automator/Spotlight/Font Book… and oh yeah, OS X.

    Can you name me any PC from Dell/HP/Lenovo that comes close – straight out of the box for that price. We’re talking TCO here! Yes, I can certainly buy myself a Dell Dimension E510 with a 15inch flat screen [described as a ‘multimedia pc’ – with XP Professional] for a bargain $798 [after a mail in 20% rebate]. Highlights: 512MB RAM; 80GB SATA HD. And remembering that pc purchasers also have to pay tax, and is added to that figure.

    Here’s what the Dell doesn’t have…
    There is NO: wireless, bluetooth, dual-layer DVD burner or software, no built-in webcam and of course no Calendar software or Address Book, no syncing software, no spotlight, automator, movie creation software or font management software.

    Exactly what kind of ‘multimedia’ sleight of hand is this? It comes with virtually no software, an inadequate-sized hard disk for multimedia applications, only a 15inch analogue flat screen… almost everything you’d want in multimedia is extra, including the PC-cillin Internet Security package [$79 for 24 months].

    It is a joke. TCO is what wise purchasers take into consideration. They should be asking, “what do I want this computer to do”… and price out accordingly.

    I’m happy that Macs TCO fairs extremely favourably with PCs. And at the end of the day, none of the cost comparisons, ‘my d*ck is bigger than your d*ck’ mentality can factor in the intangible user experience of using OS X as opposed to XP. And the well-documented productivity boost Mac users experience compared to users on PCs. And I know, I use both.

  9. Apple didn’t release BC just to appease a small percenatge of PC/Mac geekoids who want to play with Windows on a Mac.

    Boot Camp is a public beta and just the first step in getting Macs to replace the PCs in such environments by overcoming the objections of the IT crowd who have been pushing for a single (meaning PC) platform since the stone age.

    Despite what a lot of people think (from posts read here and elsewhere), dual platform set-ups are very common. And, in such environments, the Macs and PCs tend to be evenly matched hardware-wise, so the price differential is really moot or even shifts to the Mac’s favor.

    IMHO, the dual platform environment will be a big market for the next version of OS X, which will supposedly have BC features built-in.

    Sometime in the not too distant future:
    Tech knowledgeable CEO to IT dept head: “You still want to set up a single platform in the graphics dept?”

    IT head (getting warm fuzzies thinking about tossing out Macs): “You bet! When do I start, and BTW what should I do with the old Macs?”

    CEO: “Tomorrow, and what do mean ‘What should you do with the old Macs?’ Keep them. You’re getting rid of the _______. I just read Mossberg’s column, and we’re getting new Macs that can also run Windows.”

    IT head (as eyes glaze over and blood starts streaming from his ears):
    “Mrfpglps.” (then turns and walks out of CEO office)

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