Enderle: Apple’s Boot Camp allowing Windows on Mac ‘could change PC landscape as we know it’

“One of the big unanswered questions in the market is whether Apple, if they moved to Windows, would be more or less successful. Up until now this has been a hypothetical argument with lots of opinion but very little fact behind it. One thing has been clear and that is Apple, in the PC market, has a market share that over trivializes a company that otherwise has a big footprint in the space,” Rob Enderle writes for Technology Pundits. “By enabling Windows XP to run on the Mac, Apple will immediately begin to capture how many people are working, when they are now given a choice, in Windows or the MacOS on Mac hardware. In addition, if, as expected, sales jump sharply this will provide the foundation for more overt Windows support in the future and, possibly even bigger changes at Apple.”

The important thing is that this will give Apple real world intelligence on just what those decisions should be and they could include:
• Restructuring, or spinning out, part of the company
• Expanding hardware to address a wider variety of customers and the increasing market share
• Scaling back, eliminating or, enhancing (like changing to the Windows kernel) the MacOS
• Rebuilding a direct corporate sales force to, once again, go after that market

“This is an incredibly gutsy move because a lot of people, both inside and outside, the company will not like some of the decisions that could result… Still, companies thrive on making smart decisions and taking intelligent risks, you don’t do either without good information and this should give Apple the information it needs to transform the company into something vastly more powerful then it is today. While many users may not like this, investors will love it and they, along with the new customers Apple is likely to get, should be ecstatic. One other group should initially like this a lot and that is the large number of Apple users who have had to maintain two machines, one for Windows, and one for the MacOS. Now they only need one and they should like that a lot,” Enderle writes.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Why Enderle is currently in love (see related article below: “Enderle: What if Microsoft bought Apple?”) with the idea of replacing Mac OS X’s sound foundation with the “Windows kernel,” he never explains. Perhaps because it makes no real sense. Taking Boot Camp and transforming it into a technology that allows for switching OSes like Mac OS X’s Fast User Switching — hit a key, flip the 3-D cube, there’s Mac OS X, do it again, there’s Windows for times when you have to use it; flipping back and forth with a shared Clipboard, keeping Windows in a protected sandbox within Mac OS X in some fashion — that sounds a lot more appealing to us than wrecking Mac OS X with the “Windows kernel.” Even more appealing, of course, would to have a working Darwine supported by Apple that would run Windows-only apps without needing to use Microsoft’s Windows at all.

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  1. “allowing Windows on Mac ‘could change PC landscape as we know it”

    Yeah sure, but what about the PC portrait?

    Next up on Fox, “When Animals Attack Tech. Pundits.”
    Viewer discretion is advised.

  2. Somebody please make a note of my prediction and please, PLEASE, be in a position to throw it back at me at the end of the year, showing me what a moron I was:

    I say this as a Apple OS buyer as long at a version is for sale, but when all is said and done, at the end of 2007, the AVERAGE(not MDN types)computer buyer will still be buying MS boxes in about the same percentages as now, at best slightly less.

    For the average person this is as meaningless as some new gizmo on a farm havester for non-farmers. I LOVE the concept, as I am one who keeps a Celeron box around. But this will NOT change the computing landscape. Dell will continue, MS will continue, the sun will still rise every day.

    As wonderful as Apple is, this, for the vast majority of people, means absolutely nothing.

  3. re:APPL=Bubble

    All I have to say is that you must live in a Red state. Your whole arguement about the stock bubble is redundant at best. Stocks in general go up and down. That’s as simple of a concept as water is wet. Wait and see what Dell stock does in the next year. I can predict that it will be in the toliet, why you ask? Because anyway that you look at it, Apple has the best hardware on the market. Look at the cost of an Mac Mini v. a Dull desktop? Dollar for dollar a Mac Mini blows anything Dull makes away. Just to match the performance you’d have to spend three times as much money. Now that Apple can run Windows; Dell, HP, Gateway etc…. better give up the ghost. Sorry but it’s the truth. Your post just sounds like someone who bought AAPL while it was at it’s highest and you haven’t made your money back. But please don’t blame us or Apple if you did that, blame your on-line broker.

  4. The beauty of this strategy is that it will put Apple hardware on the bidders list for just about any corporate bid for hardware worldwide, and thus could significantly grow Apple’s volume.

    After people realize that Vista will only be a silly looking copy of Mac OS X 10.4, and an unstable one too, a lot of users will want to try the real thing now that they’ve got the hardware.

    In the long run this will have the clone makers to beg Apple to license OS X.

  5. APPL=Bubble: You need to take into account that on the week of 24 March, SJ and others sold large chunks of Apple stock in order to cover taxes on the vesting of options. And there’s lots of short selling going on. And your other points sound uninformed.

    That said, Apple generally introduces products when they are available for sale/download. But like other companies, they do take into account other factors that just happen to affect the stock price. Especially just before/just after their quarter results announcement/conference call. Apple followers know that AAPL always falls after the announcement. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    Apple has done it both ways: Introduce new products just before the call – then use the call to talk about it and counter any drop in stock price. Or introduce new products just days after the call, which leads to a rebound in the stock price. I don’t think you can figure either way to be better than the other.

  6. LOL @ Apple Bubble Boy.

    Your logic skills suck. Go look at the stocks fundamentals and get back to me.

    With the advent of online trading, everyone thinks they are a Buffet or a Soros. LOL. You guys have no idea what the inside market looks like.

  7. “….Scaling back, eliminating or, enhancing (like changing to the Windows kernel) the MacOS”

    Changing to the Windows kernel ? Who in their right mind at Apple would want to ? If Apple wnated to go the way of Microshit and it products, they’d hire Enderle as their salesman. Wait, that would mean he’d be running the company!

  8. What would be the point to switch to the NT kernel??… I mean, really?! If Apple was to choose another kernel over Mach, then why not go pure FreeBSD or maybe the Linux kernel, which would make better sense than going with a non Unix kernel!

  9. So you want me to buy a an imac for 2gs and then waste an additional $500 on a new copy of windows xp?


    Windows vista wont even run on macs its 64 bits

    whata waste of 3-4gs for no reason

    >So you want me to buy a an imac for 2gs and then waste an additional >$500 on a new copy of windows xp?
    >Windows vista wont even run on macs its 64 bits
    >whata waste of 3-4gs for no reason

    You want to tell what iMac is $2000?
    They are $1300. A Mac Mini is $600.

    And if you are paying $500 for a copy of Windows XP, I got some ocean front property in Ohio for ya.

    Oh, right now, where can I buy that 64 bit copy of Vista?

  11. He does realize Window’s kernel (if you can call it that), is a bloated, pieced together over 20 years POS. The mach kernel could use a lot of work. See Ars Technica for a comparison of performance between linux and os x…os x’s system calls take WAY more time than linux’s, hence os x’s poor performance in the server arena, namely mySQL. But to say it’s worse than Window’s kernel…Mr. Enderle, you make me laugh.

    If Enderle was talking about applying the OS X foundation on top of a fast linux kernel, then he’d have something to talk about…but let’s be honest, there’s no way he’s that intelligent.

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