Blog community responds to Windows XP on Apple Macs via Boot Camp

“To Macintosh purists, Apple’s release of software that allows its computers to run Microsoft’s Windows XP is a heretical development. Yet many also thought it was inevitable since Apple stunned the technology world last year by making computers with chips from Intel, a once-unthinkable notion,” Mike Yamamoto blogs for CNET. “Philosophical debates notwithstanding, the timing couldn’t be better for Apple from a business standpoint. Less than two weeks ago, Microsoft shot itself in the foot with its delay of Vista, the successor to XP, providing Apple with a golden opportunity to win over customers who might have been waiting for the next Windows operating system.”

“All this makes for a complicated mix of reactions among bloggers, at least in their initial take. Some are pleased that they can run more applications on a Mac, but many are simply disappointed that Apple is sanctioning what they consider the inferior work of its villainous rival,” Yamamoto writes.

Blog community responses in the full article here.

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  1. I can just imagine a married couple, not particularly computer literate, browsing the shelves of their local computer store. They spot a georgeous machine called an iMac, but are concerned because it’s interface looks so dramatically different to all the other boxes on display. When they ask what is different about this computer, they are told that it is more stable, secure, faster etc.. than the others because it runs a different OS.

    BEFORE BOOT CAMP: the couple really like what they see, but are conserned that the ‘Mac’ will not work with the dousen or so software titles they have purchase since they were given an old dell a few years back. So they ask if the software is compatable. No, but this HP computer over here is… Miffed, they decide to buy the HP.

    NOW WITH BOOT CAMP: the couple really like what they see, but are conserned that the ‘Mac’ will not work with the dousen or so software titles they have purchase since they were given an old dell a few years back. So they ask if the software is compatable. Yes, infact you can use it as an ordinary PC if you wish, and just keep your old software. OK, and they buy it. At home, they turn on their new toy, and fall in love with the beauty that is OS X, and find it so easy to use that they only actually boot into Windows half a dousen or so times to use old software before switching completely.

    Apple is genious.
    I hope ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  2. George,

    Many people will switch to the Mac platform since now they can still use those 1 or 2 Windows only available programs (e.g., Auto CAD) and use the Mac for everything else, including the Mac-only programs (iLife, Final Cut Studio, etc).

  3. The days of ‘Apple will never do that’ are long over. Apple has superior hardware and software and they are going to do what it takes to get it in the hands of more people.

    Apple knows us Mac users operate on a much longer replacement cycle than a windows buyer. Thus, we are not going to be the drivers of increased market share — that will be windows users.

    So what are ways to get Windows users?
    1 – Advertise like crazy and convince some.
    2 – Give them a security blanket of being able to run windows while they adjust/transition.

    The advertise option involves spending a ton of money (which Apple does have) but the route they’ve gone changes the argument. It is not which OS is better vs. which one do people know. It is a cheap Dull that only has one trick vs. Mac which can do the windows thing but offers so much more. Price objection is virtually eliminated.

  4. I need 98; I keep a Celeron around just for that, so this developement is meaningless for me.

    To use an analogy I’ve used before in this forum, in a similar, inane debate about “why does anyone need XP”, just because I have a Lexus doesn’t mean I still don’t need a POS Chevy pickup for carrying lawn sod or other messy hauling. No matter how great the Lexus is, it will never be used for, or good at, hauling 1,000 pounds of cargo.

    People, an OS is only a tool. Some people need more than one tool to get things done. You match the tool to the job. OS X may be a titanium, perfectly balanced, wonderfully crafted tool, but at the end of the day a tool is all it is.

  5. iSteve

    You are so right, why spend a ton of money advertising on a dying medium (the telly) when you can get a whole ton of free advertizing via the online community, news sites, etc etc.
    Plus this news even made it onto the BBC main news, that shows how all and sundry are just looking and waiting for Apple’s next move.
    Classy, SJ just knows how to garner free press, nothing quite like it.

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