Reuters: Apple’s new ‘Boot Camp’ could draw millions of new Mac buyers

“Apple Computer Inc., the maker of the Macintosh computer and iPod music device, on Wednesday rolled out a first-ever software patch to run Microsoft’s dominant Windows operating system on its PCs, a move that could draw millions of new buyers,” Reuters reports. “By enabling the move to Windows, the world’s No. 1 operating system, Apple hopes to draw people who want Macs, considered by many as easier to use and more stylish, but prefer the Windows operating system.”

MacDailyNews Note: Nobody “prefers” the Windows operating system. They use it because they’re stuck with some Windows-only software “solution” or they’re gamers or they don’t know any better. Soon, it will become clear to most everyone, including Reuters: Give people a Mac and Windows, let them use both for a couple of weeks and then we’ll see which one they really prefer.

Reuters continues, “Macintosh users will now likely be able to run some games and other software on their Mac OS X computers without buying a separate Windows based computer. The final version of Boot Camp will be available as a feature in the upcoming Mac OS X version 10.5 ‘Leopard’ personal computer. Apple said it will not provide support for installing or running Boot Camp and does not sell or support Microsoft Windows software.”

Full article here.

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  1. All that is needed now is flash memory to enable you to ‘flick’ between operating systems. Closing down one and rebooting the other can then be done in seconds…

    That doesn’t change things for me, I already use the best and have no desire to torture myself with Windows.

  2. Does anyone else find it objectionable that this is called a “patch”? The term “patch”, when used to describe software, is a very pejorative term. This is not a “patch” to fix a problem, it is a preview of a future expanded use of OS X. Reuters probably should have assigned some one that knew something about computers to this story.

  3. Chris,

    You bring up some good points, but please do not give any credibility to Dvorak. Dvorak simply doesn’t get it, which is how he came to the flawed conclusion that Apple will abandon OS X and switch to Windows.

    How do we know Dvorak’s prediction is flawed? Because Apple is, as Jobs has said on many occasions, “the whole widget.” The Mac is a combination of the hardware and the software. The iPod is a tight combination of the hardware and software.

    Now, seeing as how Apple absolutely refuses to license FairPlay to 3rd parties, do you really think Apple would handle the keys to their future to Microsoft? Does it make b[]ANY sense at all that Apple would depend totally on Microsoft for timely updates to the OS by switching to Windows?

    Just because Apple adopted Intel chips doesn’t mean Apple is switching to Windows. Intel chips power a lot of other OSes, including many, many variants of Linux, Unix, and Solaris, yet you don’t see Dvorak claiming Red Hat is planning on switching to Windows. The only reason he’s saying it is to pull the chains of Mac users, and nothing else.

    All you have to do is understand that Apple believes fundamentally that unless you control the whole widget, you cannot deliver the kind of trouble-free experience that consumers desire. Dvorak clearly doesn’t believe in this philosophy, which is how he can go from a switch to Intel chips to Apple abandoning Mac OS X.

    Let’s do ourselves a service by kiling that dog of misguided speculation from Dvorak.

  4. You actually have to OWN a new Mac to do this marvelous new thing. For us Mac owners this is sideshow stuff and not much at all. We already know what the mindless millions haven’t caught onto yet.

    This is Steve fishing for customers of his hardware and eventually his software. If the reviews are good then people will switch and eventually also experience the magic of Mac. Got’em hook line and sinker.

    If it doesn’t work then he just stops make the programme and takes it out of the OS and put it down to a nice try.

  5. The end of OS for Apple?

    Why would a software developer need to create an OSX version of their product?

    Soon the only company making OSX native software is Apple?

    Soon people will buy an Apple just to run Windows software?

    We will have to wait and see.

  6. I was considering buying a new Mac this Christmas because I have to run a few microsoft only apps at work and was praying this would happen. Now instead of just buying a copy of Leopard, I will buy a new Intel iMac. And not some cheap Dell just to run a few Windows apps.

  7. As much of a bombshell as this is, I would have preferred Apple to have made the BootCamp/Leopard/XP OS boot-up exactly like the Parallels on-the-fly OS switching, rather than boot into one OS or the other.

    Imagining burning a presentation DVD in iDVD while running AutoCAD in the background, and switching between the two.

    And did the Parallels announcement force Apples hand in announcing BootCamp this soon?

    MDN word: stood – here I am, stood at the crossroads of a technological revolution…

  8. I wish I were a fly on the wall inside Michael Dells office today.

    can anyone say panic ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    or at Microsoft HQ….

    Probably chairs flying all over the place….

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