Apple’s ‘Boot Camp’ a watershed, could dramatically expand Mac market share

“Apple, the computer maker, today shocked its army of fans by unveiling software that will let its newest Macintosh machines run Windows, the operating system developed by arch-rival Microsoft. The watershed decision could help Apple to dramatically expand its share of the computer market. The company has already seen sales of its computers boosted by the massive popularity of its iPod music player, dubbed the ‘halo effect’ by analysts,” Rhys Blakely writes for The Times. “The company said a trial version of the software, called Boot Camp, will be available as a free download… The program will also be built into Leopard, the next version of Apple’s own operating system, which is due to be unveiled in August.”

“Boot Camp will work on the recently unveiled new generation of super-fast Apple computers, the first to use processors built by Intel, the world’s largest chip maker. Apple is eventually expected to build all of its computers to run on Intel chips,” Blakely writes. “However, users will have to buy their own copy of Windows first… Apple, mindful that many of its customers have been fierce critics of Microsoft products, sought to downplay the move. The company said it still considers its own operating software easier to use and more reliable than Windows. Apple aficionados have long criticised Windows’ alleged shortcomings, especially on security issues… Apple did not say if there would be future updates to Boot Camp, or if the software would allow Mac computers to run Vista, Microsoft’s recently delayed upgrade of the Windows operating system that is now set for release to consumers in January 2007.”

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  1. While geeks were out there trying hard to get XP to run on a Mac, Apple quietly went about making a solution for the rest of us (i.e. non-geeks).

    I am getting really #$%^&*&^%$#ING sick of the geek bashing on this board. Geeks make everything work and push the industry forward. The computer industry is advanced by people doing what they are supposed to be doing, finding ways to use things that the manufacturer never intended. Even our beloved steves started off that way.

    Unless you want the meddlers to leave the platform, in which case you’d be stuck with whatever the board of apple tells you is the proper use of your machine, stop with the hacker hating. Not even teh Steveness can imagine and bring to market every potentially useful product the industry could make, so let us meddle.

  2. To all the detractors out there questioning buying a clean version of XP: I ordered a MacBook Pro today and bought Windows XP Professional SP2 (which was difficult) to dual boot it. Why you ask? Because my fiancee’ has been bugging me for months to get a Windows laptop because she is a real estate agent and all their crap is IE only…as much as it bothers me that these sites don’t need to be…Earlier I had gotten here an iBook with Virtual PC and it has just been too slow. Since she only really needs a Windows box for browsing these sites and a few Windows apps I really didn’t want to get her a PC laptop. Now I can put money in Apple’s coffers and hopefully help my stock. Dual boot is not the perfect solution, the virtualization is, but it does prevent me from having to get a windows only laptop. Is it more expensive? Sure. But it is a better computer. If you can afford to get the extra Windows license why not?

  3. Imagine this: Apple develops Boot Camp into true virtualization software (allowing OS X and Windows apps to be run simultaneously) and includes it in Leopard in time for the 2006 holiday season, leaving shoppers with a choice between buying a beautiful Mac that runs both OS X and Windows faster than anything else on the market . . . or waiting until after the new year to buy an ugly box that will run only Windows. What to do . . . .

  4. W Baker –

    “…what will the average-Joe computer user think when the partition on his Mac hard drive is riddled with malware?”

    Well, when he finds that he can just reboot into OS X and get back to work, he’ll likely realize that he should have been using OS X all along.

    Here’s a little story. I took a flight a couple of years ago with nothing to read. Found an in-flight copy of PC Magazine and started browsing. I was simply astounded at the frustration and antipathy directed at Microsoft. You never encounter that kind of negativity in the Mac world. Oh, sure, a few people who bought defective Macs and received poor customer service occasionally rant in public. But, this was a PC mag loudly dissing PCs. Amazing.

    There are a lot of PC users who hate PCs. Once the prisoners find that the doors to their cells are open, there will be a lot of light bulbs going on over their stressed-out, angry heads.

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