Apple’s ‘Boot Camp’ a watershed, could dramatically expand Mac market share

“Apple, the computer maker, today shocked its army of fans by unveiling software that will let its newest Macintosh machines run Windows, the operating system developed by arch-rival Microsoft. The watershed decision could help Apple to dramatically expand its share of the computer market. The company has already seen sales of its computers boosted by the massive popularity of its iPod music player, dubbed the ‘halo effect’ by analysts,” Rhys Blakely writes for The Times. “The company said a trial version of the software, called Boot Camp, will be available as a free download… The program will also be built into Leopard, the next version of Apple’s own operating system, which is due to be unveiled in August.”

“Boot Camp will work on the recently unveiled new generation of super-fast Apple computers, the first to use processors built by Intel, the world’s largest chip maker. Apple is eventually expected to build all of its computers to run on Intel chips,” Blakely writes. “However, users will have to buy their own copy of Windows first… Apple, mindful that many of its customers have been fierce critics of Microsoft products, sought to downplay the move. The company said it still considers its own operating software easier to use and more reliable than Windows. Apple aficionados have long criticised Windows’ alleged shortcomings, especially on security issues… Apple did not say if there would be future updates to Boot Camp, or if the software would allow Mac computers to run Vista, Microsoft’s recently delayed upgrade of the Windows operating system that is now set for release to consumers in January 2007.”

Full article here.

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  1. It is going to be amusing watching the media get meaning of this wrong. It’s already been going on today all day on tv. Amazing the number of people that are saying that Apple is switching to Windows as its operating system.

  2. HMMMMM, ????

    Boot Camp??????

    Interesting choice of name. Has anyone else thought about that??

    You go to Boot Camp when you need to be trained for the real thing. (Army training before battle / business) ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    You go to Boot Camp when you have been bad (PC – MS user) and need to have your attitude corrected. lol ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    Just a thought. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />


  3. People are not thinking here. This won’t help Apple sales at all. Why? Because the consumer will have to purchase a copy of Windows. That costs either $200 for XP Home or $350 for XP Pro. They can’t use what came with their home pc. That’s an OEM version. They will have to install a retail version. So, how does spending $1300 for an iMac and another $350 for XP Pro increase the chances of someone switching from a $700 Dell?

    People aren’t switching to Apple hardware because of the hardware. They are switching because they are sick of Windows.

  4. I work in Edmonds, Washington, about 20 miles away from Redmond, WA (home of the Evil Empire).

    It’s weird, early this morning I heard the most horrific smashing and banging sounds coming from just over the horizon.

    And now I know what it was: the sound of Monkey Boy going apoplectic in the Executive Suite at Microshite.

    Is “muahahahahahaha” a real word?

    Die Wintel world, die.

    Love and kisses,


    MDN Magic Word: ENOUGH. As in, “had ENOUGH of the craptacular mess that is Windows? Then just switch to OS X.”

  5. Beside Jeff’s point of false economy for Windows on Mac, what will the average-Joe computer user think when the partition on his Mac hard drive is riddled with malware? Most computer users will blame the “box”, i.e., Apple.

    Will this Window malware slow down or affect the OS X partition? Sincere question. Any guidance appreciated.

  6. Sorry, I forgot to mention that the crashing and smashing sounds came from the various pieces of office furniture flying around as Ballmer shrieks how he’s going to “F’ING KILL APPLE!!”

    I hate it when I ruin my own jokes, lame as they are.


    MDN: “METHOD” – Methinks there is most definitely method to Steve J.’s madness. Wait- he’s not mad. He’s just an eccentric genius. Oh, never mind. I’m too excited by this news to even make sense.

  7. What a great marketing strategy. You can bet money that there will be no way to set “Boot Camp” up so that it defaults to anything other than OS X at startup.

    Lots of Winblows users believe that they need XP in order to do some vital something or other that OS X can’t possibley do but they’ve been hearing so much about the Mac that they’de be willing to try it if they can boot XP.

    They will forget to hold down the option key while booting at least once a day and before they know it they will have started exploring OS X. Then they will have switched to OS X for something trivial like e-mail and web surfing and then they will start looking for an OS X version of that app they can’t do without on XP.

    Next thing you know they’ve become Mac users.

    This will benefit M$ in the short term because they will sell some more copies of XP or Vista (whenever that ships). In the long term it will be a disaster for M$ unless Vista is so damned good that it really does compete with OS X (not likely). Either way it’s good for Apple hardware sales.

  8. How many grey box assemblers include a proper install disk that you could use to install onto your Intel Mac? Even if they do, does the EULA allow for installation on a machine other than the one that it was supplied with?

    How many people would actually go out and spend $$’s on a proper clean copy of XP?

    I think this is good for those of us with a kosher disk, or those prepared to pay for one (let’s assume M$ wil try to prevent unlicensed use). But the average PC sheep is going to wonder ‘why would I pay a premium for a fsckin’ computer with a funny OS AND THEN shell out more for the OS I’m realy comfortable with?’

    Still, I think it’s great. Roll on Darwine or Virtualisation, though

  9. Dell stock only down 12 cents.

    I doubt this is going to have a big impact on Mac sales. Maybe some businesses can get a huge discount on Windows XP, but the average person can´t.
    And corporation IT guys are going to nix this idea – “Now I have two OS´s on one computer – which is causing the problems??? I need a pay raise and an assistant!”

    Sure it will increase Mac sales, but by a tiny fraction.

  10. Finally, I think I get it!

    I’m sure everyone remembers Orville Redenbacher, Dave Thomas, Lee Iacoca, Bartles & James (fictional though they were), the Bush Baked Beans guy, George Zimmer (Men’s Warehouse), and the like. Those companies and their products became enormous sucesses because people could identify with a very real PERSON, someone who seemed to give a damn about the quality and value of his product.

    And which company today has the most charismatic, attractive CEO of them all?!


    All it will take is for TBWA\Chiat\Day to put The Steve on TV this fall and have him PERSONALLY vouch for Leopard and the new Mac/Intel machines! A massive, sustained ad campaign of this type will bring the great unwashed into Apple stores all over the world, making the third and fourth quarters the best ANY comparably-sized company has EVER seen!

  11. It would seem that there is an equal if not greater possibility of a reduction in Apple’s market share. This would be due to the inevitable ability to run OSX on any run-of-the-mill beige box.

    I find Apple’s rapid sink to the middle of the technology spectrum to be depressing.

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