Samsung starts mass production of 1GB OneNAND 70nm flash memory chips

“Samsung Electronics has started mass production of 1GB OneNAND flash memory chips using a 70nm fabrication process. The NAND flash memory, a widely used memory device that provides higher performance over and above conventional flash devices, will be used in a wide variety of products ranging from digital cameras to mobile hard drives. Samsung believes that the new flash memory will boost production efficiency by 70 percent over the current 90nm generation, and will lay the foundation for new flash products such as hybrid hard drives,’ Techtree reports. “The company claims that the 70nm flash offers sustained read speeds of 108MB/s, as compared to 68MB/s of the 90nm generation.”

Techtree reports, “Samsung today is one of the major suppliers of Flash memory for Apple’s iPod Nano and Shuffle, but the company intends to move into new products that already require Flash memory or will adopt Flash memory in future product generations.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Too Hot!” for the heads up.]

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  1. Where’s my glasses-mounted display? I need high-res 3D piped directly into my eyeballs. Then I’ll be able to write web pages while driving easier than I do now.

    NAND is cool. I can dig it. I’m hip to that jive. An ultra or will the lingo turn to “nano-portable” computer with an iPod-sized form factor would be killer. Imagine the glasses-mounted display, a NAND drive and no optical drive. Earphones for sound. What else? Cooling, right. The nano-portable would have a cord that plugs into a port in your dashboard that feeds your car’s radiator fluid directly into the unit.

    The MS version would be the same, except it would be festooned with buttons, switches and stickers. It would be bigger of course and have a couple LCD panels and a DVD player.

  2. PC Apologist,

    Saweet! I felt the same about the 500 after upgrading from a 250. How big was the hard drive on the old B&W Mac classic? Did it even have a hard drive? That was the first one I remember getting paid to work on.

  3. Oh yea, my first 40 MB external SCSI drive. I still remember the price because I couldn’t believe what I just spent. $700 and somthing, and that was a deal because I worked at the store where I got it.

    I might still have it in the basement.

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