Lehman cuts Apple price target from $80 to $73, UBS cuts Apple from $100 to $95

Lehman Brothers has cut their Apple Computer price target to $73 from $80 and UBS has cut their Apple Computer price target to $95 from $100, according to reports from MarketWatch.

MacDailyNews Take: $73 or $95? Not too much of a difference there, huh? What’s 22 bucks per share plus or minus between friends? Wonder which firm’s analysts are right?

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  1. Good, let it drop. I had to sell my shares earlier this year but plan to purchase them back in a month or so after I sell one of my properties. Can we get it down to say $50 by then?

  2. No surprise here. How much is a tunes download company worth? Steve knows. Since he’s the spiritual leader around here, it’s amazing there are any buyers at all.(In case you weren’t watching – he’s selling off as fast as the SEC will allow – it’s called surrendering your computer company and counting on the world being full of head-knockers.)

  3. The price is going down now.

    They’re bear-raiding again.

    For those who don’t know, bear-raiding is as follows:-

    *Buy a whole lot of shares when the price is low.

    *Sell them when trading is light and force the price down.

    *Buy even more for the same sum you got when you sold.

    *Sell them when trading is light and force the price down even further.

    And so on. You make a profit every time. You just need a large amount of capital.

    The greedy bastards wont leave AAPL in peace.

  4. This is about the movie studios putting together their digital download service. I know for a fact that Wall Street and AAPL were expecting to get them on board with itune movies. I am not sure what will become of the “true” video ipod, but don’t expect to see any movies on itunes until the studios get that their model is going to fail.

  5. Hey, Truth Hurts . . .

    How’s your Microshaft stock doing?**

    If THAT company is your model for how stockholders should be treated, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell ya’!


    ** It is only NOW approaching its price from a year ago. It isn’t QUITE back to where it was two years ago. And it’s still $7.50 down from where it was 5 years ago! What a PHENOMENAL track record THAT is from the big gorilla on the block! (Apologies all around to Mr. Ballmer.)

  6. Hey – where´s the $105 they all promised and MDN was beating the drum about???

    Apple has problems that we are not privy too.

    Charko: “Buy a whole lot of shares when the price is low.”

    Please define “low”.
    So if i BUY the stock when it is low and the price keeps dropping and sell when trading is “light” (whenever that is), Charko says I make a profit.

    Tip to Charko, the price has to go higher than what one bought it for to make a profit. Oh yeah, don´t forget commission costs buying and selling, plus taxes.

    So you been making big bucks on your “bear raiding”???

  7. Stockboy, don’t be so damned smug.

    Charko innocently left out the “short sell” part of the “bear raid” definition. Everything else he wrote was right on.

    Say, aren’t you the guy who got a lesson in bear-raiding last week from “Board Room”? Yeah, I thought so.

  8. It’s working out fine for me..

    I’m just selling the covered call that’s about $5 out of the money every month, and using the premium to buy more shares.

    I was able to close my April $70 calls that I sold last month at $2 for thirty cents this morning. When the earnings call happens, I’ll have 150 more shares than I did last time, and no calls I have to cover.


  9. Yeah, prohecy and Gordon Gekko aren´t you the ones pumping its going over $100 every since it has dropped like a rock?
    Still dropping.

    All you stock experts and your it´s a “bear raid”….LOL. Oh, “bear raid” makes it okay that the stock has dropped.
    How about people bailing out of the stock and investing elsewhere because they don´t want to lose more money or see that there is no more upside??? Bear raid! Bear Raid! BEAR RAID!
    Losers always have a way to blame it on any and everything else but the obvious.

  10. Stockboy,

    read my post again.
    I don’t do it.
    I’ve got no capital.

    That was the definition (as far as I can remember it) that I got from the Wall Street Journal.

    There was also a post here in MDN recently, which was quoting a financial journalist who wrote that AAPL has been the ‘victim’ of bear raiding for the last few weeks.

    But on re-reading my post it isn’t very clear, I admit.

    I think it goes like this:
    If you have enough shares (and you need a lot) and you sell them when the market is quiet (i.e. the volume is low) you can push the price down.
    You then buy a much larger amount at the new low price and then sell when they go back up.
    You need to be confident, of course, that the shares are going to go back up.
    AAPL usually does – at least in last few years.
    So it’s a good target for bear raiders.

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