Forbes online poll: What’s The Worst Product Apple Has Ever Released?

Forbes is running an online poll, “What’s The Worst Product Apple Has Ever Released?”

Choices and current results (Total Votes: 771):
• eMac – 1%
• eMate 300 – 1%
• FairPlay DRM – 2%
• G4 Cube – 3%
• Hockey-puck iMac mouse – 20%
• iBook – 0%
• iMac – 1%
• iPod – 2%
• iPod Shuffle – 3%
• The Lisa – 9%
• Mac Mini – 0%
• MacBook Pro – 0%
• Macintosh 128k – 0%
• Macintosh Portable – 2%
• Macintosh TV – 3%
• Newton Message Pad – 12%
• Mac OS X – 1%
• Pippin Game Player – 5%
• PowerBook 150 – 0%
• QuickTake Camera – 1%
• Rokr – 7%
• XServe – 0%
• None of the above – 4%
• I love everything they’ve ever made. – 12%
• It all stinks. Steve Jobs is the devil. – 8%

The poll is here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Artist” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Note: For the record, the ROKR phone is Motorola’s, not Apple’s. Apple only provides the mobile iTunes software for that Motorola phone. And, yes, we picked for the “Hockey-puck iMac mouse.” That the Newton Message Pad has received 12% currently is a travesty – the people voting for the Newton have never used one.

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  1. The hocky puck mouse was a case study in what can go wrong in form over function. I knew someone who liked it. I murdered him. One less puck-mouse lover.

    The less-than-standard-sized keyboard that came with it was horrible as well. Nobody I knew could type on the damn thing!

  2. The Mac IIsi – it lost its value faster than any previously released Mac. I paid $4100 for it in 1991, a few months later Apple released the Mac LC (the pizza box design), which became hugely popular, devaluing my IIsi down to squat.

    Still, it lasted 6 years. The IIsi was a little workhorse.

  3. It’s not on the list but I would have to say the AppleVision 1710 AV 17 inch monitor. Both the hardware AND the software never worked right. Having built-in speakers was a good idea and it looked good, after that it all went wrong.

    The hocky puck wasn’t that bad once they included the indent so you knew which way it was pointing.

  4. Have to agree with MDN. The Newton is one of the greatest Apple products, not the worst. It created and defined the whole new Portable Digital Assistant genre. And, all jokes aside, the handwriting recognition worked miraculously well. All you had to do was follow the tips and that little machine actually DID learn to read your writing. It wasn’t perfect, but it was a great product and I for one would buy another if they went back into production. I used several over their full run and dispaired when my last one was lost on a business trip.

  5. I had a Newton 100 back in the day. I worked for an Apple reseller back then and had the opportunity to buy the Newton.

    For it’s time it was good. There really wasn’t anything like it at the time. As for functionality, I think it lacked quite a bit.

    I sold that Newton a few months later.

    My bad list: System 3, System 7 (pre 7.3.4), QuickTake 100 (didn’t hold enough pictures), Apple III, the PC card that went into the Mac (I don’t remember the name. Back in the early 90’s)

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