Forbes online poll: What’s The Worst Product Apple Has Ever Released?

Forbes is running an online poll, “What’s The Worst Product Apple Has Ever Released?”

Choices and current results (Total Votes: 771):
• eMac – 1%
• eMate 300 – 1%
• FairPlay DRM – 2%
• G4 Cube – 3%
• Hockey-puck iMac mouse – 20%
• iBook – 0%
• iMac – 1%
• iPod – 2%
• iPod Shuffle – 3%
• The Lisa – 9%
• Mac Mini – 0%
• MacBook Pro – 0%
• Macintosh 128k – 0%
• Macintosh Portable – 2%
• Macintosh TV – 3%
• Newton Message Pad – 12%
• Mac OS X – 1%
• Pippin Game Player – 5%
• PowerBook 150 – 0%
• QuickTake Camera – 1%
• Rokr – 7%
• XServe – 0%
• None of the above – 4%
• I love everything they’ve ever made. – 12%
• It all stinks. Steve Jobs is the devil. – 8%

The poll is here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Artist” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Note: For the record, the ROKR phone is Motorola’s, not Apple’s. Apple only provides the mobile iTunes software for that Motorola phone. And, yes, we picked for the “Hockey-puck iMac mouse.” That the Newton Message Pad has received 12% currently is a travesty – the people voting for the Newton have never used one.

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  1. I guess from that list I’d have to pick the hockey puck mouse too, but I never thought it was that bad. I know many people had a hard time pointing it in the right direction, but I never had any problem with it.

    Honestly, I can’t think of a single Apple product that sucked.

  2. Performa 6200CD, hands down. I should know, I bought that dog. Thank Jobs I have a G5 iMac now.

    I also own the G4 Cube. Definitely not even close to the worst Apple product ever, just bad pricing doomed it to failure.

  3. Though the mighty mouse is more ergonomic than the hockey-puck mouse, it is far more complicated. I have dumbed it down for my daily use, but I wish to rid my life of the extra buttons. The “nipple” is only effective for web browsing. I have accidentally side-scrolled through a document so many times it is irritating!

    I don’t consider myself clumsy but the mighty mouse makes me feel like a careless mouser, after 14 years of mousing.

  4. The eMate 300, Trying to sell a Newton as a computer for kids! This is what can happen when you use focus groups to try to find out if a product could be used for a specific group of users.

  5. The Mac Portable. Sorry. Nothing else comes close. The hockey puck was a matter of a taste. (I liked it.) But NO ONE liked the Mac Portable.

    But most of you weren’t born yet, probably, to remember it.

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