Forbes: Apple Computer more powerful than ever, but what does the future hold?

“Thirty years after its humble start, Apple Computer seems more powerful than ever. Last year it posted record sales and earnings, and investors are back in love. But what can Chief Executive Steve Jobs do to make sure his company hasn’t peaked? For starters, he needs to push forward with his ongoing mission to turn his premium-priced computers into mass market must-haves,” Chris Kraeuter writes for Forbes. “Even more important than the box, though, is the software that runs it… Apple’s newest operating system, dubbed Tiger, has been a hit thanks to its inclusion of music, video and picture-editing features, as well as strong security features: It is elegant, intuitive and offers users a sense of safety. Tiger is slated to be replaced with a new operating system, dubbed Leopard, later this year or early next year. But with the latest push-back of Microsoft’s long-awaited and oft-delayed Vista operating system into 2007, Apple may try to move its schedule up to take advantage of the void.”

“Meanwhile, Jobs still needs to find ways to sell more iPods… Then there’s the digital home, where Microsoft, Sony (nyse: SNE – news – people ), and a host of competitors want to insert themselves as some sort of hub or gatekeeper for communications and entertainment. Apple’s slick, easy-to-use interfaces and its Intel alliance should give it a shot at the market,” Kraeuter writes.

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MacDailyNews Take: Are we the only ones who involuntarily flinched at the phrase “mass market must-haves?”

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  1. Steve’s Surrender with MacIntels confirms the company’s future as a music download company with really cute players. Vista, in spite of all the hysteria about delays, etc., will be the final nail in Mac’s coffin.

  2. Apple should include darwine or some similar technology in Leopard to begin to attract those who will not switch do to application incompatability or just plain unavailability on the OS X platform. Darwine or similar technology will reduce the risk “Switchers” have moving from Winblows to Mac, while introducing them to the best OS around.

  3. “mass market must-haves” sounds awesome! The ONLY reason someone might flinch at that is if they are a snobby SOB. (Don’t even try to deny that!) I’m not surprised that is the attitude of some on this thread, but I am a little disappointed in MDN.

  4. That’s all well and good for some, except that “mass market must-haves” in the context of this article seems to imply, to me at least, that Steve Jobs needs to start scrimping on the quality (making things less “premium” and focus on reducing prices to appeal to the “mass market”.


    If Apple can reduce prices while maintaining the quality and elegance and ease-of-use factors they’ve worked so hard to develop, I’m all for it. But it won’t happen if any of those factors is removed from the equation – especially if past indications from SJ hold true for the future.

  5. “Tiger is slated to be replaced with a new operating system, dubbed Leopard, later this year or early next year.”

    Early next year? No, Apple isn’t running on Microsoft’s release schedule.

    And to “truth hurts”, the company is Apple, not Mac you friggin noob. And trust me, Apple has plenty of nails of their own to be hammering.

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