Enderle: Microsoft employees voice concerns about working for dysfunctional company

“For anyone that has ever worked for a failing company wandering over to http://minimsft.blogspot.com will be a bad trip down memory lane. It showcases the deep disappointment Microsoft employees are feeling as a result of the Vista slip and the apparent lack of consequences for those in power that, they feel, should have prevented it. A lot of new and potential employees are apparently posting as well showing their increasing concerns with working for a company so apparently dysfunctional,” Rob Enderle writes for Technology Pundits. “I think a lot of us have been there, but how do you correct a problem like this?”

Enderle writes, “The symptom of the problem is Windows Vista is late but what is the cause? The first step should be to accurately analyze the problem. If this isn’t done by people who are both qualified in the analysis and trustworthy the result will be garbage. Based on this forum my guess the cause of the problem is one or more of the following.”

• Unqualified employees and managers
• Excessive Bureaucracy
• Intelligence
• Trust

“If one of these is a Silver Bullet it is Trust,” Enderle writes. “For Microsoft, Open Source is a statement on how much the company, and Industry, is distrusted. Looking at the problems with the US, the EU, and Korea (among others) you can easily see they are largely founded in distrust as well. Even this blog that formed the foundation for this piece shows a dramatic lack of trust inside Microsoft. Honestly if you can’t trust your employees, managers, partners, vendors, and customers I can’t help but ask why you think what you are doing, regardless of whether that is building cars, TVs, or software, is what you should be doing.”

Full article here.

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  1. Put Steve Jobs in there, maybe he call pull them out… Holy crap, what am I saying?!

    But seriously – when a company, of any kind, gets into a nose dive it can’t seem to get out of, the blame is not usefully placed anywhere except right at the very top – period. In the end, every company goes where its led.

  2. What scares me is our military will run on Vista and XP.

    Blue screen of death has a whole new meaning.

    Or hospitals running on winblows. Or our traffic control systems running on winblows. Our credit and identity secrets are stored on winblows servers with secret back doors.

    Windows scares the crap out of me.

  3. The ONLY thing Vista and Copland have in common is that Apple did it first.

    But seriously, Apple struggled with Copland and wasn’t afraid to admit defeat, go with Plan B (or D or G) and make something work.

    What was the result? cutting their losses and ending up with the World’s most advanced OS.

    The difference with MS is that they knew they needed to be moving in this direction more than a decade ago – when NT was supposed to unseat Unix and all that. But they skimped on the NT re-write and they did the same with XP and are doing the same now.

  4. “…my guess the cause of the problem is one or more of the following.

    • Unqualified employees and managers
    • Excessive Bureaucracy
    • Intelligence
    • Trust”

    It may be just me, but reading this I get the impression from the ‘tone’ of the article that Enderle is blameing the M$ employees and middle-management for Vista’s problems, rather than asking why the top management are failing to see where the problems lie, and what they are doing to rectify the problems.

    MDN magic word: ‘dead.’ Anyone want to start a MS Death-knell counter?

  5. Don’t forget the “Enderle Group” is dysfunctional too, BIG TIME! Especially Rob and his wang being so obsessed with Paris Hilton!!! The rest of the group, consists of his dog, his gold fish, his wife are fine.

  6. [quote ‘me’] But seriously, Apple struggled with Copland and wasn’t afraid to admit defeat, go with Plan B (or D or G) and make something work.

    Shouldn’t that be “..Apple struggled with Copland and wasn’t afraid to admit defeat, go with Plan (Ne)XT and make something work.

  7. I know I speak for every MS customer in thanking Mr. Gates for preserving the ability to play my ’95 “Flight Simulator” software. I would deeply resent being forced to buy an upgrade or new copy just because of Vista ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

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