Apple Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard likely to feature Windows support, drivers for Intel Macs

“In a stunning move, BAPCo, the industry-standard Windows benchmarking consortium, announced that Apple Computer has joined up as a member. BAPCo is responsible for the SYSmark 2004SE and MobileMark benchmark suites we use at PC Magazine Labs for testing PCs. BAPCo also produces the webserver test WEBmark,” Joel Santo Domingo reports for Gearlog.

“This is significant because it means that Apple has now committed to Windows-based performance testing, and it will influence industry-standard testing methodologies going forward, possibly including Mac OS X testing. We speculate that Apple will now develop Windows drivers for Intel Macs like the iMac, Mac mini and MacBook Pro with Intel Core Duo processors. You will probably still need to buy your own copy of Windows XP (or Vista), but this is exciting stuff,” Santo Domingo reports. “We’ve seen rumors that Apple will include virtualization technology in Mac Os X 10.5 (Leopard), but benchmarks like SYSmark and MobileMark don’t work well in virtualized environments since they use ultilities that call low level processes (like anti-virus). This bodes well for native Windows support on Macs in the future.”

Full article here.

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  1. Let’s be realistic here, Apple has worked too hard to throw OSX down the toilet, it still has a ton of untapped potential, and I do think the switch to Intel is just the first phase of demonstrating OSX’s unique and powerful features and capabilities, now that it exists on Intel hardware, and Apple has fewer worries about CPU supply shortages, and has more legroom to entice developers to OSX, I think we will really see OSX sparkle. I am sure now with access to faster hardware Apple will have more freedom to do the things with OSX they’ve always wanted to do, but were too restrained to do in the past. I think OSX’s future looks very bright, especially with the complexity of windows starting to drag the whole operating system down under its own weight.I also predict that the support for windows is really only a crutch, an attempt to lure Windows users to the mac platform, by saying “see we run all your applications”. Once people are on the mac platform for the first time, and see that these same apps work on OSX and work better, I do think Microsoft will lose the death grip its held over people in the past. Only time will tell…

  2. Unless I missed something, I don’t think anyone is saying that Apple is going to get rid of Mac OS in favor of Windows. That would be corporate suicide. We all know that while Mac boxes are great, it’s really the OS that matters.

    I find humor in people like this touting rumors. “We’ve heard rumors that…”. The Mac news/rumor community is so incestuous that one rumor can start on one site and be all over the map in 24 hours. I could make a fake rumor about the new banana colored triangular screened iMac coming out, send it to MacRumors, and watch it propogate itself all day. Eventually the “analysts” would tout the rumor as being seen on several web sites.

  3. There is NO WAY that Apple is going to drop OS X. The software that Steve practically built himself (well not all by himself) – in favor of Windows? Forget it.

    I believe that ever since Mr. Jobs returned back to Apple he has had a plan to move away from the PPC and on to the Intel chip. Remember NeXt ran on Intel and NOT the PPC chip first. He’s becoming hardware universal.

    Level the playing field and then overtake Windows. It’s all been happening since the iMac.

    If an Apple can run Windows apps without Windows then Microsoft Windows is going to be finished. First maybe in emulation or whatever they want to do. Some people might hang on, but would you if you didn’t have to? A chance to be virus free? But mostly FREE of Microsoft.

    Get vendors to tweak their apps for X and then good-bye Microsoft Windows.

    Bill Gates and Ballimer must be crapping in their pants right now. Especially since they can’t get their OS out of the door. Clearly they DON’T have a plan.

    There is a Tsunami coming to Redmond in the shape of an Apple.

    MDN magic word – JUSTICE

  4. The fact that some people think this means Apple is giving up on OS X, and/or think that this will influence developers (like Adobe!!!!) to stop OS X support just goes to show how idiotic and fearful people can be. Get a freakin grip.

  5. ” . . . it means that Apple has now committed to Windows-based performance testing, and it will influence industry-standard testing methodologies going forward, possibly including Mac OS X testing.

    That’s pretty much it, folks.

  6. apple 1984 asks: “If this comes to pass, why will developers feel any need to develop on OSX? Adobe, or others, will say, “You can run the Windows version on a Mac now, why should we bother (to make an OSX version)?””

    Because Mac users won’t stand for a shitty interface. Native MacOS X App’s will therefore always have a competitive advantage.

    More than likely, Apple is making this move because there is some basis in fact for the Dharma rumor.

  7. Our business MUST have both Macs and PCs, period. If Macintels are capable of running Windows at near native speeds, we will transition our shop of 35 Macs, over the next year, completely to news Macs, period.

    Those who bash Windows, bash on brother. But we have to serve clients and run our shop with feet in both worlds. But to be able to have both environments in a Mac box seals the deal, and we will, if needed, pay through the nose for such boxes.

    Jobs, are you listening.

  8. I TOLD YOU!!

    Vista will be your MASTER!

    Why do you think Dell all of a sudden is starting to sell a line of premium PC’s?

    They know Apple has a hard on for Dell.

    Now that Mac’s ARE PC’s in every aspect, it’s a simple matter to start selling Mac’s with Windows installed.

    Apple stands to sell a lot of hardware with this Windows or Mac OS X option on their hardware.

    Just look at all the stores Apple is building

    You can’t sustain all these stores with a minority OS.

    Apple is taking on Dell and Dell knows it.

  9. Macdude,
    Clearly the xanax is wearing off. Perhaps a dose of Thorazine is in order.
    You need to get more sleep…oh..I see you’ve dozed off… good….someone will wake you later in time to change your Depends.
    A mind is a terrible thing to waste. If you only had one.
    Don’t make us all collectively come over there and spank you.

    MDN word “expect” as in “It’s MacDude. What did you expect?”

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