RUMOR: Apple working on low-cost 19-inch widescreen CRT all-in-one eMac successor

“Will there be an Intel-based CRT Mac? Apple appears to be working on a successor to the eMac, a low-cost all-in-one computer with a 19-inch 16:10 widescreen CRT display at a maximum resolution of 1680×1050 pixels at 100Hz refresh rate. The system would use an ultra-low cost Intel Celeron-class processor with DDR-400 memory on a 400MHz System Bus — considerably slower than the DDR2-667 memory employed by Apple’s ‘Core’-based Intel systems, but still a big step up for the eMac over its previous 167MHz Front Side Bus G4 architecture,” Mac OS Rumors reports.

Full article here.

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  1. This would kill for me–I being a public educator and all.


    OSX.5 reeeeaaaly needs to run windoze apps a la Darwine to completely kill the Dell cancer spreading in our schools.

    I live in the Austin area, and am typing this on a dell…go figure. At least UT is mostly mac.

  2. Seeing how the Mac mini is the cheapest machine Apple will make, I doubt that we’ll see an eMac that has lower specs. My guess would be that we’ll see an eMac with Mac mini-like specs, but it’ll include a CRT monitor, keyboard & mouse and (possibly) better graphics. It’ll also cost a bit more than the Mac mini does, right between the Mac mini and iMac.

    As for that display, keep this in mind: an eMac with a 17″ CRT weighs around 50 lbs. Is Apple going to include miniature tow-trucks with these systems?

  3. I love apple for all its muscle and elegance, but THIS is what it needs if it wants to get market share. I work at a small business that does TV production. They could NEVER spring to get 50 iMacs, but they can afford a 300-500 cheaper eMac. They could never justify all the bells and whistles for machines that basically are doing word processesing and web surfing.
    IF Apple wants people to commit to all Apple environments, they need to compete with the 400 piece of crap PCS out there (in price only!!).

    And the eMac is quickly becoming a very large paperweight!

    I hope this is not rumor, but FACT. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  4. It should be, “CRT’s… Noooooo!”

    Most of the iMacs /eMacs of friends that have “died”, have been because of CRT problems. Too expensive to repair….

    That 20th century technology needs to be left in the dust!

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