You might be an Apple fanatic if…

“They tattoo Apple’s logo on their arm. They help sell Apple products, even though they’re not paid to. One couple met at the Macworld Expo conference, got engaged and were married there,” Ellen Lee writes for The San Francisco Chronicle. “Apple customers are a loyal bunch. Though they’re only a small percentage of all computer users, they make up for it with their passion and outspokenness. In Apple’s 30 years of business, they have formed a tight-knit, unique community. ‘They’re probably the largest subculture’ among computer groupies, said Leander Kahney, managing editor at Wired News, who has tracked these quirks and more in his books ‘The Cult of Mac’ and ‘The Cult of iPod.’ ‘They definitely have distinct traits and rituals and rites of passage.'”

“It’s right there in the numbers: 50 percent of Apple customers plan to buy another Apple computer, a far greater percentage than for any other personal computer, according to MetaFacts,” Lee writes. “So, here on the 30th anniversary of the company’s founding, how do you know if you’re hooked on Apple?”

Apple users are more likely than PC users to:
• Have a higher household income
• Have received a graduate degree
• Be self-employed
• Live in California, Massachusetts or New York
• Live in big cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York
(Source: MetaFacts)

Lees’ checklist “you might be an Apple fanatic if…” in the full article here.

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  1. I’ve got a striped Apple logo on my Samsonite since … 1984? The Samsonite still looks and works a treat. The logo has made friends with countless “security” and “fragile” stickers collected while clocking 100,000 or so miles. Which reminds me….


    Set your Mac clocks (click the time display in your menu bar) to one hour forward until April 2, when Apple’s time servers will again reflect the correct DST situation. EST dwellers can set their time zone to Vladivostock – Russia. Pribiat, spasiba and dosvedanya.

  2. “It’s right there in the numbers: 50 percent of Apple customers plan to buy another Apple computer, a far greater percentage than for any other personal computer, according to MetaFacts,”

    You’re kidding right? Apple computers are the only ones where you can run OSX (with full features). As a Windows user you may start off with a Dell, but you have the option to transfer to HP, Sony, Toshiba, Lenovo, etc. if you want. Metafacts are actually saying that only 1 in 2 Mac users stay Mac users when it’s time to buy another computer.

    BTW, the Mac is a great computer, but the company sometimes does stuff I don’t agree with. Blind support for any cause isn’t healthy.

  3. My first computer was a Kaypro II: CP/M OS with 64kb of RAM and two 5.25″ floppy drives. No hard drive. The first Mac was less than six months away. I,unlike most of my friends in school, did not have or want an Apple II. But as soon as I saw that first Mac, I’ve been a Macintosh sympathizer. Never wholly into joining cults, I did however own a Mac 64/SE, which I used through college. Built a PC gaming machine with my first money from areal job . another. Spent every job working with, sometimes hating, sometimes not minding, a series of bland beige Windows boxes. Still do, however, these days I occasionally bring in my own 17″ Powerbook when I need to do some multimedia work, and heartily enjoy the thinly veiled envy of all of my Think Same co-workers. I’m typing this at home right now on a Linux box. But an old lamp-style iMac sits right next to me, playing music. I use whatever computer I need at the moment. I love Apple’s design and I love the way they’ve pushed the industry. If they manage to create a Mac mini with a TV tuner and 802.11N networking, I’ll probably buy three of ’em. I guess that makes me a heretic in the cult of Mac as well as the cult of Windows. I just hope Apple stays alive for many more years, because if they don’t, we’ll probably end up in a Soviet-style design age of electronic equipment and I shudder at the thought.

  4. I live in a small rural town in North Alabama, but work in the space capital of Hunstville. I have a vanity Univ. of Alabama tag (BS in Mech. Eng-1987) that reads APLFAN. love their stuff and buy cups and stuff off ebay regularly (have 16 mugs right now). Like I tell my friends sometmes – “Apple isn’t just a computer; it’s a way of life.”

  5. To me it as simple as this; we have three choices; buy a PC with Windows or Linux or buy a Mac. As I am not geeky enough for Linux and Linux still is too geeky, I am left with two. I admit there are good computers out there, other than Macs, but they run an inferior OS, ridden with malware. Why would I buy that?
    I have had Macs since 1998 and that was when I bought my first computer and so far, I haven’t seen a logical reason why I should change that. On the contrary. The more I get to know Windows, the less reason I see for it.
    If that is cultism, so be it, but I have no tattos:) I have an Apple-sticker on one of my laptop-bags, though…

    And like I have said earlier; in what other field are you left with only 3 choices? Is that normal? Is it normal to be one of more than 90% who choose just one brand?

    If something better than Mac shows up, I will most certainly go for it. So far, it hasn’t.

  6. ….. you’ve watched “Pirates of Silicon Vallley” at least 3 times, realize that Windows is like the Titanic, while OSX is more like a hydrofoil, you’d rather use your computer than maintain it.

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