Microsoft’s inability to ship Windows Vista leaves door open for Apple

“I’ve got as much reason to hate Microsoft as anyone else does — after all, I use a computer. I need to kill Internet Explorer about 10 times a day because someone at Mr. Softy HQ can’t get things right. My beloved, 10-year-old SCSI devices no longer work the same as they used to because Redmond decided, with Windows XP, to drop a few things into the roadside ditch along the Information Superhighway,” Seth Jayson writes for The Motley Fool. “After this week’s announcement of yet another delay in the next-generation operating system, Vista, I am starting to wonder whether Microsoft isn’t set to disappoint us for a lot longer than I expected.”

“Let’s review the Vista timeline, shall we? Beginning with the folksy-sounding code name ‘Longhorn,’ Vista first surfaced shortly after dinosaurs sprouted wings, roughly 36 Macintosh operating systems ago, or, in the common tongue, some time back in 2001. After years of preliminary work, it was ditched and reworked, and then we were told to look for it in 2006. Then we were told not really to look for the whole thing in 2006, but some of it, though minus the fancy new file system, which we’d see in 2007,” Jayson writes. “Now we’re told that the business version (minus the fancy file system that businesses might like, I think) will make it out in 2006 but the consumer versions are on for January, which pushes it to 2007. Anyone else dizzy?”

“Microsoft cannot afford to lose [the] battle in the living room to the likes of Apple, long rumored to be working on a media ‘convergence’ device. And the delay in Vista, once again, leaves the door open longer than it needs to,” Jayson writes.

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  1. I recall the dark days of Apple (Can you say “Copland”? I thought you could.) and even we die hard faithfuls were beginning to wonder if we had made the right choice. I for one was willing to hold out until the end because even what I had was better than Windows, but I must admit that if the Dark Side had come out with a revolutionary product that bettered the Mac experience, I might have been pulled away. I think the same opportunity exists for Apple right now with so many disaffected Windows users (mainly consumers). I haven’t spoken to Steve lately <grin>, so I don’t know what he’s planning, but I hope it’s revolutionary and draws people’s attention to a better way of doing what they’ve probably always wanted to do.

    I’ll be sure to mention this to Steve next time we talk.

  2. I don’t this is going to make a real difference. Most people aren’t suddenly going to buy a Mac instead because Vista has been delayed. If they need a new PC they will buy one even if it has a 5 year old Windows XP on it.

  3. I really really hate all these headlines: “Now is the time for Apple to take down MS”, “Vista slip gives Apple yet another chance”.
    AS IF APPLE WOULD DO ANYTHING! Apple doesn’t seem to want a 4%+ marketshare.
    Not sure why they are selling iPods to more than 4% of the mp3market, I bet someone will get fired when Steve realizes they are in way over their heads!.

  4. His SCSI device would work with any tower Power Mac prior to the October 2005 revision as all he’d have to do is slap his PCI SCSI card into the box to get it to work. As I recall with the SCSI card I had in my Ice Blue G3/400 (running Puma, Cheetah, and Jaguar) that no third party drivers were necessary.

    Nowadays I have no SCSI devices, so who knows whether that’s still true under Panther or Tiger.

  5. Tommy Boy: Just anecdotal, but I have an Adaptec SCSI card connected to an Epson scanner mounted in a PowerMac G4 733 Digital Audio running the last Panther upgrade. Works great with Hamrick’s VueScan.

  6. I thought these cheesy tech writers liked puns. They should be saying that a big Window is cracked for Apple to break in. And that Vista can’t be seen on the horizon. And that Microsoft doesn’t just describe an embarrassing wedding night discovery.

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