Microsoft Vista fumble could lead to score for Apple Mac; Mac OS X Leopard may beat Vista to market

“If there’s one company that stands to benefit from the delay of Microsoft’s Windows Vista operating system, it’s Apple Computer, analysts said,” Joris Evers and Ina Fried report for CNET News. “While Microsoft has been struggling to release its new operating system, Apple has regularly put out updates for its Mac OS. Moreover, Apple is already strong in areas where Microsoft has promised to deliver key improvements with Vista: security, and features such as video and photo editing and search, analysts said. ‘Apple is the one clear beneficiary of the flip in Vista,’ said Gene Munster, an analyst with Piper Jaffray. If shoppers are looking for what Vista has been promising, the decision is easy, he said. Before, ‘they would have…had to look at a PC against a Mac. Now they only have one choice, at least for this holiday season, and that’s the Mac.'”

“Microsoft’s loss is Apple’s gain is the consensus among analysts. ‘Apple…should enjoy a less competitive market for another holiday season against an aging Windows offering,’ Richard Farmer, an analyst with Merrill Lynch, wrote in a research note Wednesday,” Evers and Fried report. “The Vista delay is most likely to be felt by those trying to sell into the consumer market, a space Apple knows very well, Jupiter Research analyst Michael Gartenberg said. ‘It is a real opportunity for Apple to tout the features of their operating system and, of course, the fact that that operating system is available now.’ Apple shipped 4.5 million Macs in its 2005 fiscal year, which ended last September. That was up 38 percent from 3.3 million units in the earlier year, according to American Technology Research. For the current year, the research outfit predicts that Apple will ship 4.8 million Macs [as the transition to Intel processors takes place], a 5 percent year-on-year increase, Wu said.”

“Apple’s quicker pace has allowed it to get new features into its operating system faster. For example, both Microsoft and Apple talked about the need for improved desktop search at roughly the same time. Apple shipped the feature as part of a Mac OS X 10.4 update last April, while Microsoft’s similar feature won’t show up until Vista, though the company has made a downloadable desktop search add-on available amid competition from Google and others. Many of the new music-handling and photo management tools in Vista are also strikingly similar to features that Apple has either in its OS or in companion products such as iPhoto and iTunes,” Evers and Fried report. Apple “is slated to release Leopard, the next release of OS X, either late this year or early next year. That means it too could conceivably be on new machines before Vista.”

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  1. No matter what Apple does, the average MS user will not leave their DELL computers.

    Old dogs and new tricks has a lot of truth to it.

    We will be confined to a small market share. Take a cue from the cigarette companies Apple, get ’em when they’re young, then they’ll be hooked for life, get those laptops in them schools.

  2. Remember what has happened to Apple OS Copland in 1992…they promised to release Copland OS in 1993 then posponed to 1994. But, 1995 Macworld, they announced that Copland is dead!
    That’s when Windows 95 had flipped and took most of Apple’s marketshare within 2 years in time.
    Now, Vista is doing exactly the same thing as the Copland project did. It’s not a rocket science to figure this out based on history! History tells us the future, that’s it!
    Buy Apple stocks and you won’t regret it!

  3. Apple won´t meet its deadline for Leopard.

    Already pushed back developers world thingy 3 months.

    Problems with Intel chips (delivery and quality).

    When Vista finally comes out – everyone will go what´s an Apple??? —-again.

    Apple is becoming a delivery mechanism/gadget maker for media: music and video. Interactive TVs – handheld, laptop, desktop. Apple will be trying to convince everyone they are computers, but they will just be interactive TVs where Apple gets coin for every one you buy. But these iTVs don´t play the latest computer games…

  4. “For the current year, the research outfit predicts that Apple will ship 4.8 million Macs [as the transition to Intel processors takes place], a 5 percent year-on-year increase, Wu said.”

    I just bought a refurbished 14″ iBook for my daughter in college. Does that count as one of the “4.8 million Macs?”

  5. I’ll have to disagree with ya there, deedubya…

    Apple is a lot more than it used to be – there are now strikingly few stumbling blocks to switching platforms. I switched in 2001, and had issues with printers, scanners, websites, etc., but with the iPod out there, Apple is a huge brand name…

    I work at a large company, and everyone knows I use macs at home. More and more people have asked me of late about the difficulties of using macs vs windows, now that they see iTunes, and there is none of that automatic turn-off when Apple is mentioned.

    It takes time, but smart folks will always look for the best product.

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