Fortune: Apple’s iPod Hi-Fi delivers ‘big sound from a small package’

“Apple has now designed a speaker system especially for the iPod and the digital music age. The iPod Hi-Fi ($349) essentially replaces the remaining half of the old-fashioned audio CD stereo system, producing room-filling sound from an enclosure the size of a shoebox. Well, okay, a shoebox for someone with Bozo-sized feet,” Peter Lewis reports for Fortune. “But still, at 17 inches wide, seven inches deep, and less than seven inches tall, it’s ideal for kitchens, bedrooms, or other places where you desire big sound from a small package. Even with an iPod standing in the connection dock on top, the Hi-Fi fits easily under a 12-inch shelf. The classic iPod-white box has a black face and a removable black grill, which lends unobtrusive elegance to any room while also appeasing folks who favor ebony iPod models.”

“Just as the iPod is designed to allow the owner to take music anywhere, so too is the Hi-Fi. It switches easily to DC power, using six D-cell batteries (not included), and has sturdy, recessed handles. But at 16-plus pounds, it is more suitable for lugging room to room than to the park or the beach,” Lewis writes. “I did… compare the iPod Hi-Fi with a Bose SoundDock music system ($299), which delivered what I considered until now the best sound of any of the iPod-centric, semi-portable speaker docks on the market. Apple’s iPod Hi-Fi is worth the extra $50, no question. It richly fills the gap between earbuds and high-end stereo systems. For many iPod owners, including dorm denizens and nomads weary of schlepping stereo systems from crib to crib, the iPod Hi-Fi could be the best speaker of the house.”

Full article here.

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  1. Here we go again,

    It is still an expensive toy no matter who reviews it.

    and ANY speaker connected to an amp is airtunes ready

    AND it is draggable NOT portable,

    Go to the store as I did and grab it by the handles and try to walk with it. In a word… Awkward

  2. Neverfade….

    don’t know the technical answer, but I was in the apple store yesterday afternoon and some HS kids turned one all the way up while it was playing pink’s stupid girls.

    Yowsa…. it filled the whole store, not a chance of conversation below shouting level. The apple boys got right over there to bring it back down.

    Fairly impressive volume level, and no distortion.

  3. I paid just under $1000 for a quality 7.5 surround sound system that delivers a whopping 800 watts, 150 db of ear shattering sound measured in the center of the room. No noise no static, just crystal clear sound that is suitable for most audiophiles.

    I can hook everything under the sun to this 7.1 reciever, TV’s, DVD players, iPods, antennas, it has TWO remotes, all the surround sound decoding formats so I can listen to my DVD movies in theater sound.

    The covers on my speakers are wire mesh, to resist damage better than cheap fabric which gets dirty at a moments notice.

    Sure it’s not in the same catagory as cheap portable, soon to get dirty white box iPod HiFi, but I got a better value for my money.


    The iPod HiFi is not a “HiFi” !!!!

    It’s a overmarketed Apple branded Bose Radio targeted towards the novice audiophile.


    The iPOD HiFi sounds like a tired tin can in comparision.

  4. The HiFi ($350) is an expensive toy just as the Bose SoundDock ($300), Klipsch iGroove ($280) and Altec Lansing iM7 ($200) are expensive toys. Of those the HiFi is the best sounding toy in my opinion. Is it worth the extra $50-70 over the SoundDock and iGroove? If I were seriously considering those 2 units it would. Is it worth the extra $150 over the iM7, especially when the iM7 is a better portable? The answer for me is no, it wouldn’t. For others it might be. That’s why there are different products with different price points for different people.

  5. What I keep hearing is it is ether too expensive or doesn’t compare to a $2,000 high end system.
    In the meantime people (not the type who post here) are hearing all the hype and are all excited about it.

    Once again Apple hit a market that others didn’t realize even existed.

    Apple’s going to clean up with this one WITHOUT hurting the $100 boom box market.

  6. Hey, What’s wrong with the iPod HiFi?

    Why, in a year or so, when its price has dropped 3 or 4 times, it will be a really nice machine.

    And you can get the basic model on the cheap or the advanced yack yack yack model for not too much more. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    Hey, I can wait. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />


  7. Davis said: “Go to the store as I did and grab it by the handles and try to walk with it. In a word… Awkward”

    Particularly with the security guards on your back.

    Pogo asked McDude: “I am looking for a sound system and would be interested in what you are using, including what speakers.”

    Excellent! You of course understand, McDude’s sound system only exists in his head. Way to call him out.

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