Thurrott sells his Apple iMac Core Duo out of ‘general frustration with Mac OS X’

“After a two-month experiment, I’ve sold my recently acquired Intel-based iMac. There were a number of reasons for this move, but mostly it was a general frustration with OS X. I’ve actually been using Mac OS X since mid-2001, and I’ve had a number of Macs come and go, including, now, three iMacs. But for the past two months I actually used the iMac as my general purpose PC, for email, Web browsing and research, and some writing. While I believe it’s possible for many people to be quite happy on the Mac, it’s not possible for me at all, and moving back and forth between XP and Vista-based PCs and the Mac throughout the day is just painful. There are just too many small differences,” Paul Thurrott reports for WinInfo.

“For various reasons, I’ll pick up another Intel-based Mac before mid-year, but it will almost certainly be cheaper than the iMac and will likely be a portable. I think the Mac market is vibrant and exciting, and certainly understand why the technology there is so compelling to technical people. And of course, I simply need an up-to-date Mac machine so I can keep up with that market. But the two-month experiment and has really brought home something for me. While it should be pretty obvious that I could never switch to the Mac given my day job, it’s now clear that I could never switch to the Mac even if I was in a completely different line of work, say, mowing lawns. This surprises me. Not as much as the fact that I should be mowing lawns, but you get the idea,” Thurrott reports. “Anyway, I’m not sure this qualifies as irony per se, but on the day I sold my iMac, someone figured out how to get Windows XP booting on that machine (see my blurb below for details). I had, of course, originally purchased the iMac to dual-boot between OS X and Windows. Maybe some day.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Schizo much? Perhaps when Apple releases a Mac OS X-powered lawnmower, Thurrott’s nebulous “general frustration with OS X” will evaporate. It just goes to show, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, even if they’re better. However, this business with Thurrott and Macs does highlight a major barrier that Apple faces to get some people to switch from Windows to Mac: the familiarity factor. Even though familiarity ≠ productivity, you can imagine how someone with over a decade of Windows-only use would feel frustrated with anything else, even the superior Mac OS X.

We’ve seen this before: “I think that if I were new to computers I would go for a Mac, but as a Windows user I get the feeling that I am too far gone: it’s too late for this old dog to learn any new tricks,” Stuart Miles wrote for The London Times way back in November 2003. To paraphrase Nigel Kendall who also contributed to the same article, Windows PCs are designed by people who know a lot about computers and Apple Macs are designed by people who know a lot about people. The Times’ article, “Windows vs Apple” in which a Mac user swaps his Mac for a Windows PC for a week and a Windows user swaps his Windows PC for a Mac, is still a very instructive and interesting read. Full article here.

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  1. How many times has this guy publicly changed his view of MacOS X and his iMac?

    He’s lost so much credibility through his inconsistency that it is inconceivable why he is still allowed to write articles pertaining to this subject.

  2. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”rolleyes” style=”border:0;” /> What the heck is he bubbling about? Did everyone notice he never gave a real reason for his frustration. Perhaps the real reason is he knows OSX is far superior to XP and the soon to be release XP+ versions 1-7. I think he should change his job to cutting grass cause he has no clue about OSX or Apple.

  3. I honestly don’t care what Thurrot has to say. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and if he genuinely prefers windows then he’s welcome to it, but really his opinions on both systems are ridiculous variable that they’ve lost all credibility.

  4. Typical windows user. The mac is different therefore I don’t like it. It’s doesn’t matter that it’s easier to use but that it’s different. I really wonder how he managed the switch from DOS to windows and from windows 3.1 to windows 95. They were totally different but somehow he managed to get through those changes. His disingenuous reasons speaks volumes as to how truly biased he is on computing platforms. Why is time wasted on this guy again? (yes, I do get the irony of me posting about this)

  5. “But for the past two months I actually used the iMac as my general purpose PC, for email, Web browsing and research, and some writing.”

    WTF? He used it for email, web browsing, research, and writing and he had issues? He has issues, but I don’t think it has anything to do with OSX.

  6. He’s consistent. This article is for his windowsitpro site. The article he did the other praising the iMac was for his connectathome site. Two different audiences. If he ever did an article on his windowsitpro site where he praised Apple, I’d know that the end was near.

  7. To all those who bad-mouthed my previous posts that this guy’s positive statements were to be short-lasting, you owe me a cookie.

    He wants to make money off of peoples’ ire and enthusiasm.

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