RUMOR: Adobe Premiere to return to Apple Mac

“Sources familiar with Adobe’s plans report the company intends to release a Mac version of Production Studio 2, marking the return of Premiere to the Mac as well as the first Mac versions of Encore DVD and Audition,” Ryan Katz reports for Think Secret. “Adobe abandoned support for the Mac version of its Premiere video editing software nearly three years ago, following stiff competition from Apple’s Final Cut line that eroded Adobe’s marketshare on the Mac platform.”

“Development of Production Studio 2 is currently in early stages, with a release not expected until the second half of 2007. Given that time frame, sources have suggested the software may be released with support exclusively for Intel-based Macs in order to streamline development and optimization,” Katz reports.

Full article here.

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  1. Hi Willie G
    You know, I certainly know that After Effects and Photoshop both work very well on Macs (after all, I use one, too). I also mentioned that I “love” Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro. However, when working with clients, I find that Dynamic Link – which links all of those programs together seamlessly – is a HUGE time-saver. When Adobe brings that program to a Mac, then that will be heaven us motion graphics designers!

    I don’t feel that compelled to use Premier Pro, because like Ndelc said, FCP is ahead in that game; I am not a sound designer, so I don’t use Audition nor Soundtrack Pro. I don’t have an opinion about those programs.

    That said, yes I do use Apple’s Motion and it is a good program – but it, in my opinion, is not a replacement for Adobe’s After Effects. True, After Effects is not a replacement for Shake – which I also use and LOVE, by the way. But, After Effects is not meant to be a grand compositing program. It’s meant to be a motion graphics program with small compositing capabilities. And it’s great for that.

    Sure, AE’s plug-ins work in Motion, too. But as Mac-users should understand it’s better if you use the Adobe plug-ins with Adobe Software and Apple plug-ins with Apple software. Keeping the proprietary path is how Apple’s been doing business for years, because it just works so much better.

    Also, AE is far more advanced than Motion. As Ndelc, mentioned: Motion is better for quick projects. And that is certainly the truth. Unfortunately, not all of us do a lot of quick projects. Most motion graphics projects I work on takes weeks.

    (Check ot the job boards for Motion graphics designers and you’ll notice that more require you to be familiar with After Effects and Shake than Motion. You say that’s “for now”, but until time proves otherwise, then “now” is all we’ve got.)

    In my opinion, Adobe Dynamic Link basically makes it so that you don’t really have to render your After Effects projects. That, to me, is totally hot!

  2. Interesting…

    Over the years we have seen more favorable relations between Apple and other companies even if it only came in the form of not openly competing with each other, and example being the cessation of anti Intel ads in the years leading up to the Intel switch…

    Perhaps there are some backroom deals being made here…perhaps more alliances to come?

  3. Sorry Jay Leno Sucks, but your observation is way off. I live in an adobe house, and they’re actually very efficient. In the winter adobe keeps the cold out, the heat in, and the opposite in the summer, plus it’s very cheap to repair. Here in the southwest, 90% of the homes are adobe.

    I also think Adobe (the company) makes some pretty good software. Is there room for improvement? Sure, but nothing even comes close to touching Photoshop for graphic designers.

  4. you know, the truth be was because of Premiere, why I left the windows platform..once in the Mac platform, I embraced FCP and have never since looked back….so FCUK Adobe and their backwards thinking.

  5. > Damien wrote: The integration of After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator into Premier Pro is so seamless that it’s like you are actually using one program instead of four!

    Completely agreed.

    Integration saves alot of time and headache in the Adobe Production Bundle. There seems to be quite a bit less of the “gotchas” to have to work around.

  6. Guessing wrote: The poor fools figured out by abandoning the Mac they not only lost the Mac community, but saw their Windoze customers dump them and switch to the Mac platform to use FCP.

    Actually, with Apple supporting Adobe and competing with them at the same time, it made sense to leave the small Mac market and redistribute those resources to more lucrative apps.

    Premiere Pro – and the other bundled apps – work together amazingly well! I doubt Adobe lost more than it gained.

    Being a FCP editor, I’m actually buying a XP box just to get access to the Adobe bundle.

    As with all computers…. just another tool for me to use since I’m more interested in results than platforms.

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