RUMOR: Adobe Premiere to return to Apple Mac

“Sources familiar with Adobe’s plans report the company intends to release a Mac version of Production Studio 2, marking the return of Premiere to the Mac as well as the first Mac versions of Encore DVD and Audition,” Ryan Katz reports for Think Secret. “Adobe abandoned support for the Mac version of its Premiere video editing software nearly three years ago, following stiff competition from Apple’s Final Cut line that eroded Adobe’s marketshare on the Mac platform.”

“Development of Production Studio 2 is currently in early stages, with a release not expected until the second half of 2007. Given that time frame, sources have suggested the software may be released with support exclusively for Intel-based Macs in order to streamline development and optimization,” Katz reports.

Full article here.

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  1. Seems Apple and Adobe have kissed and made up.

    Just a few years ago Adobe was heavily pushing and telling folks to go with Windows because they felt Apple was on their way out and they wanted to standardize on one platform.

    I won’t forget that Adobe, neither will most of the Mac public.

    And I can be here all day everyday, so can all my IT friends.

  2. Wow! If that’s true, then this will be great. I love Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro, but Motion is not a good replacement for Adobe After Effects (and it’s not really meant to be). The integration of After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator into Premier Pro is so seamless that it’s like you are actually using one program instead of four! To have all that power on a Mac would be so, so great!

  3. As one who used to use Premiere and then saw Adobe turn it’s back on Mac users, what could possibly make me want to abandon Final Cut and give Adobe a second chance ?

    Nobody gets to let me down twice. Adobe had the option to keep me as a customer, but chose not to and I’m delighted that they forced me into using Final Cut as I might never have made the switch otherwise.

  4. Well this is certainly good news if only because Adobe would have decided that the Mac platform has to be supported for its (Adobe) own profitability. Sensible all round especially since Microsoft made it clear it is out to crush Adobe. As humans (though in the case of Adobe barely) having the terminator as your only client isn’t good business.

  5. I’m glad to hear it but I’ll never switch from Final Cut Studio. FCP is light years ahead of Premiere Pro, and the other apps are fantastic as well. Soundtrack Pro has a fantastic feature set, and, while Motion may not be as full featured as After Effects yet, it’s much easier to do quick projects than AE is. Encore is closer to iDVD than DVD Studio Pro. I had to use Encore for a big project on Windows last year and, while it seemed to be the best DVD authoring program on Windows, it was still a miserable experience. I was using, what was supposed to be (as the IT dept told me), the fastest PC made (at the time) a dual 3.2ghz Xeon with 2 gigs of RAM, but it crashed 10 times a day. I’m so happy to be back on a Mac full time with the best software at my disposal.

  6. Sizewell, even if it is only a perceived ease of transition from intel Windows to Intel Mac, it does not matter. So long as developers now perceive the Mac to be easier to develop for now that it’s on the same processor as Windows is all that matters. Bring on the cross platform boxed software products. I want to see the Windows and Mac logo side-by-side until legacy Windows is gone and then they can drop that Windows logo.

  7. Damien..

    Uh.. hello, AE, PS, and AI all work on Macs (I find there integration to be a little wanting at times), and what Premier brings to the table does not impress me. I dare say that Motion is a better replacement for After Effects than Premier would be for Final Cut. In fact, there are only 3 reasons to use After Effects instead of Motion:

    1 – Some After Effects Native Plugins, while they work in Motion, do work better in AE (for now)

    2 – After effects at least has a half-assed 3D compositor, Motion does not (for now), for that you would need the prohibitively expensive Shake.

    3 – More clients are familiar with AE, and you will get more freelance work using that software (also for now).

    And these are not my opinions only. I actually first heard thee points being made at NAB Post+ by After Effects instructors (one of whom is VERY well-known as an AE expert) who are really seeing the virtues in Motion, and recognize that by V4, Motion will be the one to beat.

    I find that most people who state what you did are long-time AE users who have not really taken the time to get into Motion 2 (the V2 update was a HUGE improvement). Motion takes a different approach and if you are not used to it, you will find it foreign and uncomfortable, at least at first.

    Adobe.. this is what I call too little to late. Encore is no match for DVD Studio Pro, Premier is no match for Final Cut. While competition is good for driving development, for that to work, the software in question must be competitive. At this point, at least, Adobe’s video products are anything but.

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