Video of Microsoft Windows XP booting on Apple iMac Core Duo?

This is supposedly video of Microsoft’s Windows XP booting on an Intel-based Apple iMac Core Duo from the same “narf2006” who yesterday posted a series of still photos in his Flickr account, showing what appears to be XP Pro booting up on an iMac Core Duo

Do you think it’s real or a fake?

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “J Alex” for the heads up.]

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  1. Really, who cares if it does?

    Even if you can, it would be a pain.

    Software won’t work half the time, drivers and other issues.

    It’s nothing to be relied upon, updates will break it and you’ll have to wait for the cracks before running your programs.

    So sorry, your just going to have to pay the Microsoft tax if you want to run their programs.

    Or just get a Vista machine and be done with it.

    Vista will address the security and ascetics, all the developers will code for it.

  2. Paul – Vista will be stripped down to the bare minimum to get it to market… if it hasn’t already been stipped ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    Did you just mention Vista & Security in the same sentence… I blew tea out of my nose with laughter when I read that

    As for whether the video is real or not – seems real to me…

  3. Liam,

    Mac OS X hasn’t had such a great security track record either.

    In fact, it’s quite dismal. So far in the short time Mac OS X has been out there is more security issues than the entire history of pre-Mac OS X.

    With Mac OS X and Vista security being about the same, I’ll take Vista because there will be more programs written for it.

    Face it, Apple is gouging as much money from it’s user base as possible before Vista arrives.

    Apple knows they are finished.

  4. What is the incessant fascination with booting Windows on a Mac? Why do these folks seem hell-bent on putting a mouse and wheel inside an iMac?

    Are these the same sort of people who go out and buy an expensive European sports car and start ripping out the engine and drive train in favor of their Chevy small blocks and other bits and pieces laying around the front yard?

    Some people genuinely have too much time and apparently too much money on their hands.

  5. M$, however, is quite a lumbering giant. Innovation, user experience, and the-things-not-yet-done keep Apple in my favor.

    Notice how prices on iPods have come down and down over time. Apple is not opposed to lower prices, but they also know that people are willing to pay. Economies of scale play in here, too.

  6. If it takes that long to boot, it’s a bigger dog than ME was. I’m up and running in less than 30 seconds on my iMac, and that’s with startup items to boot first.

    “In fact, it’s quite dismal. So far in the short time Mac OS X has been out there is more security issues than the entire history of pre-Mac OS X.”

    What security issues???? They had some updates that has affected NO ONE!!! These updates come out, things move on. End of story! If you want to go with MS, have at it. Live in mediocrity and be happy for what it is.

  7. Nice! now one can use programs that were only written for (insert windows marketshare here..what shall we say? 80%?) of the people!

    Only ignorant people would question the relevance of this. It makes the decision much easier for potential switchers as well.

    Try to understand that there are LOADS of software that your precious Mac can’t run and if you have to use it, then you’re stuck with windows (shudder!)

    Not to mention games ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    Looking forward to running Windows on the intel based powermacs just to play games (with the network card disabled mind you!).

  8. I think it’s real… it would be damn difficult to track that correctly the way he’s moving it around.

    Unless, of course, he captured a windows machine doing all that and is just playing a full screen video in QT.

    Who knows? We’ll find out soon enough.

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