Microsoft created iPod packaging parody video

Microsoft initiated the creation of the iPod packaging parody video that was first reported last month, according to The iPod Observer’s Brad Cook. “It was an internal-only video clip commissioned by our packaging [team] to humorously highlight the challenges we have faced RE: packaging and to educate marketers here about the pitfalls of packaging/branding,” Microsoft spokesman Tom Pilla told Cook via email. ‘While MS did not release the video, it’s natural to share funny things with friends. So while we didn’t publicly share the video, it was shared with appropriate teams internally. We’re happy to see others enjoy the laugh as well.”

Full article at The iPod Observer here.
[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Michael K.” for the heads up.]

Microsoft designs the iPod package video can be seen here.

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  1. I would not call it a parody. This is actually how MSucks markets everything!!!

    Question: Why can’t MSucks create an MP3 player with all it’s money
    that can give the iPod a run for it’s money?

    Answer: MSucks creates nothing

    Just a thought….


  2. re: Oscar Wilde

    Give ’em a break. Someone at Microsoft can laugh at themselves. More than we can say for most people at this forum…


    It got out, and being a global company had to release a press statement joking about it.

    Believe me, I work in the communications dept in the 4th largest oil company in the world, and this sort of thing leaking out is VERY embarrassing to Microsoft.

    AND they had NO INTENTION of this movie getting out either.

  3. I doubt very much that MS commissioned the work on this. Likely, a creative individual or group working for MS produced it out of frustration with the normal packaging missions they were regulary given. No way Ballmer paid to have that poke in the eye made.

  4. What this really says about MS is the vast disconnect that their marketing people have with reality. I’d hate to be a designer within that company because you know every decent thing anyone comes up with there is bastardized by some dim wit marketing person that wouldnt know good design if it bit them in the ass.

    What it says is, hey, we are designers here but we are forced to make our packging look like crap by people who don’t get it.

    Unforunately for MS the biggest dim wit marketer is sitting in the CEO position.

  5. it was probably a presentation, saying, HEY, this is what we need to change. Look to see some impressive packaging from MS, sometime soon.

    Maybe for Origami.

    Also look for Applers to scream “clone clone!!”

  6. January 24, 1984 “Maybe Microsoft is not as monolithic as officially projected. In the face of accusation, some within are speaking out, even if in mirth.

    This could be the harbinger of renassiance.”

    I don’t think so. This was done by M$’s marketing department, who have always been the most productive side of the business.

  7. This is so awesome. As a design professional ( although admittedly not in packaging ) this is the greatest teaching aid to what can go wrong with design at ANY company.

    In the best of all worlds design and fucntion merge seemlessly to give a clear message, and create a positive user experience, while PERFORMING the function of the piece in the most effective way.

    The problem is that in most corporate environments the designer are placed BELOW marketing on the power totem pole, instead of being collabartive equals. This leads to some ass jacket with a marketing degree and not the slightest idea of even the most BASIC principles of user experience calling the shots and RUINING a well designed piece.

    This happens at all kinds of companies big and small every day. Microsoft does not have the monopoly on this.

    Hopefully this is a sign that the corporate culture at Microsoft is changing, or maybe not, maybe Balmer is throwing around some poor shmuck like he’s an office furniture.

    In the end this is CLEVER, and an AWESOME teaching tool. I saved a copy and can’t wait to show it to my peeps.

    MDN word: Quality as in “The quality of your design depends on your ability to work with your designer and your designers abilitry to work with you.”

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