eWeek writer: Microsoft’s EFI failure an unexpected break for Apple Mac community [UPDATED]

“The news that Microsoft’s support for the next-generation of BIOS, called the United Extensible Firmware Interface, will wait for a couple of years or so, was a welcome, but unexpected break for the Macintosh community,” David Morgenstern writes for PC Magazine. “The technology bragging rights against Windows and the commodity market for PCs can continue. When Steve Jobs last year told the world that Apple Computer machines would run Intel processors, a collective sigh of defeat went through the Macintosh community. The pioneer spirit was dead.”

Morgenstern writes, “The new MacBook Pro’s big new feature is MagSafe, a magnetic power connector that can keep your notebook on the table instead of being pulled onto the floor. It’s novel and a great idea, but is it enough for Mac users to crow over? Now, here comes Microsoft to the rescue… EFI is supposed to make our systems more stable and fast. Apple credits the fast boot of its new Intel models to EFI… In so many ways, Windows users keep receiving the leftovers or technology hand-me-downs from the Macintosh. Longhorn looks to be more of the same, from the hardware to the software. As Mac users gain the benefits of EFI over the next couple of years, Windows XP and Vista users won’t. That is a simple equation, and one that Mac customers can cheer about.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: “A collective sigh of defeat?” “The pioneer spirit was dead?” “MacBook Pro’s big new feature is MagSafe?” Microsoft “rescuing” Apple by sticking to legacy BIOS thereby providing “technology bragging rights?” No. No. No. And no. What bunch of utter nonsense! It’s the OS and the software, stupid. Morgenstern must have dashed off this compendium of idiocy on his daily trip aboard the short bus.

MacDailyNews Take (updated 12:02pm EST): After reading the full article on eWeek (the original take above was based on a truncated excerpt from PC Magazine), we have added the bold text to the last paragraph of our quote from Morgenstern. We’ve changed the headline and the link to the full eWeek article. While we don’t think EFI is a great ‘bragging right’ for the Mac – it probably won’t sell one more Mac than would otherwise have been sold – it is yet another advantage for Mac OS X over Windows. Obviously, reading the entire article has changed our opinion of Morgenstern’s piece. For not seeing the link and for not reading the full article before commenting on it, we have scheduled a ride on the short bus for ourselves later today.

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  1. It’s the OS. I don’t REALLY care about the hardware or anything else. If the tables where turned and Dell made all the great hardware and features that Macs have and Apple made dull little boxes, I’d still be using Apple’s stuff becuase I love OS X. To me the most important factor in a computer is usablility, and OS X the huge advantage over Windows. The other great designs are just icing on the cake.

  2. Another troll article by MDN, go ahead and read the full story.

    There WAS a sigh of defeat when Apple announced the switch to Intel processors because it meant the end of the processor advantages and innovations from IBM. With Firewire rapidly disappearing it’s looking very bad for our platform.

    Now that Mac’s and PC’s are almost the same, there isn’t much seperating them except a better operating system, and if Vista is just half as good as Mac OS X, that’s all it needs to be because all the developers code for Windows.

    Apple shot itself in the foot and now will need to shoot itself in the head.

  3. This week it is the Mac OS that makes macs great.
    Wasn´t last week it was the cool design of the Apple hardware that makes macs great?
    And wasn´t it a while back the Power PC processor that made Macs great?

    Soon it will be down to what makes Macs great is that Steve Jobs is the boss and he owns 7% of Disney stock.


  4. Not all of us are mean people like many seem to be here on this site or at least the site owners.

    Welcome to MDN, please type your complaint in triplicate and drag the files to the basket at the end of your Dock.

    Or stay and make this site as miserable to newcomers as possible so it will finally die.

  5. Firewire is not “rapidly disappearing.” Give me a break. Yes, it disappeared from the iPod. Apple wants to compete on size and price, so they had to reduce the interface to one format. They aren’t stupid; they went with the more common one.

    And yes, Firewire 800 isn’t in the MacBooks. Maybe there was an issue with the new architecture. Maybe they just wanted to drop a very specialized port. Practically no one uses Firewire 800, and I guarantee that the majority of people who do use it don’t really go beyond Firewire 400 throughput.

    You will not see Firewire go away until there is a better, viable alternative for interfacing with video cameras. Half of Apple’s software products are video-related.

  6. This guy isn’t after clicks, he’s right.

    One of the things that bugs me over Microsoft announcement that its dropping EFI in Vista is the way that everybody keeps laying this at Apple’s door.

    The BIOS just can’t cope with the needs of the Mac.
    No PC can enter its BIOS with wireless keyboard, boot from a Fire wire drive, enter into target mode and all the other cool stuff that PowerPC Mac can do in open firmware.

    Apple had no choice.

    But try getting these facts across PC user and you will see that they just don’t get it. They seem to think that its Apple doing its own thing again, and not that Microsoft is yet again holding the PC in the dark ages because its taken years to get Vista this far and they cant hold it up any longer Xmas 2006.

  7. Come on. The short bus comment was awesome! That doesn’t mean that MDN write thinks badly of kids with special needs… give me a break. It’s a comment that is directed against a writer who is successfully writing for a major computer magazine (-> fair game <–) not at kids.

  8. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” /> PC’s can brag about how many times they get spyware,viruses and trojans on there systems. Yea, I really want to brag about that, NOT!!
    EFI was just another feature of stubhorn that has bit the dust in Microsofts attempt at inovation or lack there of. They should just call it Windows XP SP3 update not Vista.

  9. Hey, I teach special-needs students and the short bus comment is fine. If you can’t have a sense of humor about things you may as well say indoors 24/7. Everyone can be offended by something. A reasonable person can see that it wasn’t meant to be cruel to anyone with special needs.

  10. Read the whole article. HILARIOUS! Seriously, some mac users take themselves too seriously.

    One minute, a tonne of ’em are all about putting microsoft down for not using EFI in non-64-bit machines, and the next minute, they’re crying foul at the claim that they would ever claim superiority.

    And the point about the hype over a mag-safe connector… seriously hilarious.

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