Fortune: Apple improves what were already two of best computers on planet with iMac, MacBook Pro

“Change is inevitable, and that’s generally a good thing. Granted, you won’t find many dinosaurs happy about the sudden climate change 65.5 million years ago, but in the grand scheme of things the world today is a better place because of it, at least if you ask us mammals,” Peter Lewis writes for Fortune Magazine. “And so it is with Apple’s decision to evolve the Macintosh line of personal computers, changing to Intel microprocessors and away from the PowerPC chips that have been the foundation of the Mac family for the past epoch.”

“Computing dinosaurs will complain that many of their favorite Macintosh software applications and peripherals no longer work (or don’t work as well) on the Intel-based Macs. Their complaints, although likely to be temporary, are valid. However, after testing two of the new Intel Core Duo–based Macs–the 15-inch MacBook Pro portable and the 20-inch iMac desktop–it is clear to me that in many ways Apple has improved on what were already two of the best computers on the planet and has built a better foundation for the future,” Lewis writes. “Apple users eager to switch to the Core Duo Macs need to be aware of the short-term headaches of changing processor platforms. Apple is consistently ahead of its PC rivals in terms of features, functions, and design, but in this case it’s also ahead of software and peripherals makers.”

“Almost all the major Macintosh software makers have announced that future versions of their programs will be “universal,” able to run on both Intel and PowerPC Macs. Meanwhile, the new Macs come with software called Rosetta that allows most older PowerPC software to run on the MacIntel platform,” Lewis explains. “Another warning flag: Current antivirus software will not work on the Intel Macs, which is troubling, given the recent appearance of the first known Mac OS X-specific worms and viruses.”

MacDailyNews Take: That’s gotta be the world’s most ridiculous “warning flag” ever flown. See our take in Apple VP: impact of Mac OS X security threats ‘minimal’.

Lewis continues, “If I had to replace my current PowerBook G4 right away–and had $2,000 to $3,000 to spend–I would get the MacBook Pro without hesitation. It’s the evolved Mac, and it’s intelligently designed. But my theory is that if you’re not in a rush, it’s best to wait for the software to catch up.”

Full article here.

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  1. Give the guy a break. He probably wrote this two weeks ago, and even if he followed up on the virus reports later,(a big if), print deadlines would have precluded a re-write. His favorable review does more good than any harm from his minor, and inadvertent FUD.

  2. I can’t wait to update my 12″ Rev A PB. I’ve been happy with my Rev A and I’ll buy another from Apple.

    The question is, will the replacement be what I get, or will I get the 15.4″ ? Hmmm. April 1st can’t come soon enough.

  3. Lewis continues, “If I had to replace my current PowerBook G4 right away–and had $2,000 to $3,000 to spend–I would get the MacBook Pro without hesitation… But my theory is that if you’re not in a rush, it’s best to wait for the software to catch up.”

    Don’t listen to him! Sell the house, sell the wife and kids! Run, don’t walk to your Apple retailer and get a new iMac or MacBook Pro Today!

    Do it NOW!

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grrr” style=”border:0;” />

  4. the time is certainly now for the iMac as the target audience mostly uses the iLife suite and those are already written for Intel. On the PowerBook side, I’ll be happy to nurse my 2-yr old 12″ PB G4 for another year until more pro software is Intel native – right now I don’t see the appeal of the MacBook unless your current PB is failing.

  5. I think Apple is weathering this predicted ‘storm’ of making the Intel switch just fine.

    I’m thinking if things are going well when they say things should be going poorly, just wait until the entire transition is complete.

    Good times ahead.

  6. Going from a G4 to a core duo is a huge step up. I just got a new intel iMac after leaving my Powermac G4 1GHz behind. Even with the Rosetta emulation and only having 512 mb of RAM (the power mac had 768) the intel is so much faster. Since we mac owners tend not to upgrade as fast as our PC counterparts I imagine that many mac users would be coming up from the G4 not the G5. Don’t buy into the hype that things are so much slower under rosetta. It’s a bunch of malarky. If you are worried about your Photoshop speed then maybe get one of the last remaining G5 systems but other than that bring on the intels.

  7. Intel INtel INTEL!!! AAaaahhhh!

    Why is “everyone” acting like this is the first time Apple has ever switched to another CPU platform? The PPC has been in Mac for, “…the last epoch”. Plllleease.

    Back in the mid ’90s I remember Apple very quietly moving there CPUs to IBM [PPC]. After I bought my iBook in 2002 I opened it up to put a bigger HD in it and much to my surprise there was an IBM CPU in there and no Motorola in sight. Virtually nothing in the news except in some developer rags.

    OK, Apple has gotten a little better at marketing their computer products and I have to believe that they knew exactly what they were doing by announcing a switch to an Intel based machine – basically lots, and in this case, lots and lots of free publicity. There’s only two areas where its backfired a tad: 1) A creepy misunderstanding that the new Macs are supposed to boot Windose?! – Oh come on… 2) Since Mac users now use the same CPU as Windose boxes we have to grow up and take our viruses like big boys and girls – Again, please give me a break. (And of course, if all Mac users don’t start buying lots of anti virus software we’ve all got our heads in the sand, and we’re being arrogant, and of course – we’re all deluded.)

    And finally, because points one and two are definitely true because “everyone” says they are, there really isn’t that much difference between Mac OS and Windblows making the reason for moving to Mac a nearly pointless option.

    Dupped dupped dupped – that’s what the masses are, and to me, the ease with which the consuming public buys into these techno misinformations is a sure sign that we’re all on the verge of communism.

    Other than that Peter Lewis’s article was ok.

  8. Macs are good machines because Apple is a good company that makes good hardware and a good OS to go along with it.

    I think the masses need to be informed, and then grow up and start making their lives better by not using Shmindows.

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