Mobile porn on video-enabled Apple iPod, mobile phones is a growing business

“Call it pornography for iPods. Smut for smart-phones. Call it what you will, mobile pornography is a growing business,” Jessie Seyfer reports for The Mercury News. “Adult content is already the top Google search for most mobile Web browsers, and thousands of soft-core porn videos have been downloaded since appearing on Apple Computer’s iTunes store. With the popularity of video-enabled phones and music players like the video iPod, mobile porn seems like a natural next big thing.”

“Analysts confirm that yes, it’s growing. And critics are already railing against it. Analysts caution, however, that it will probably never become as widespread on mobile devices as it has become on the Internet. ‘Adult services are not a killer application in waiting,’ said Nitesh Patel, of Strategy Analytics,” Seyfer reports, “But author Violet Blue, a San Francisco-based author of numerous books on sexuality, begs to differ. ‘I think it’s going to catch on in a big way,’ she wrote in an e-mail interview. ‘It’s got all the things that made Web porn successful: privacy, in terms of accessing content, and anonymity, but also portability. Porn is no longer tied to a TV or computer, you can enjoy it anywhere, and with earbuds, quietly.'”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: “Thousands of soft-core porn videos have been downloaded since appearing on Apple Computer’s iTunes store?” Is she describing the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit videos available via Apple’s iTunes Store as “soft-core porn videos” or is there some other content we haven’t heard about?

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  1. like it or not porn pushes technology, such as the camera, video recorder and internet, it benefits other technologies. this has always been the case and always will be – it is human nature

  2. Porn will continue to grow. It can’t be stopped. Apple will never offer it on its music stores due to public relation issues and its association with schools.

    It was only a matter of time before people started doing this.

  3. this is what i emailed the author of this piece

    “I am having trouble finding all the thousands of these videos on ITMS, can you point me in the right direction. Unless of course you are exercising “journalistic license”, in which case I suggest you check you facts first before writing the article, or you may find yourself in hot water with Apple.”

    these bl**dy journos, scourge of the earth I think

  4. I, too, am fed up with those pictures of nude females on sites such as the Tate Collection or the Metropolitan Museum in New York! Those canvas makers should be more mindful of the Pandora’s box they open by providing surfaces to paint on!

  5. Has it gotten to the point where girls in bathing suits is considered “soft core porn”? That’s fscking ridiculous! That barely enters the realm of erotica!

    Pornography is “explicit graphic display of sexual activity”, so by definition something like a Playboy centerfold is not always “porn”. The word is way over used and frankly often used in the wrong context, nudity without sexual activity is not pornographic but can be erotic.

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    Ironically MW = “coming”
    I’m not going there…

  6. Remember all those lawsuits that happened because someone would bring a Playboy magazine to work? A female co-worker would see it and sued them (or their employers) because the offended party considered having the magazine in their presense to be “sexual harrassment”.

    Imagine what will happen when someone is walking down the street, riding on a bus, or wherever, and someone else glances at their iPod, cell phone, or whatever, and sees something “offensive”.

    Lawyers must be drowning in their own saliva.

  7. News Flash:

    Apple today annouced the introduction of the new John Holmes edition iPod. It’s exactly like the 5th generation iPod but is 12 inches long. The extra space will be used to hold a special battery that will play for 1 week without a recharge.

    Damn…Now I’m going walk by people on park benches masturbating.

    Becareful where you step on that sidewalk! You might just get some “gum” in your shoe.

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