Enderle on Intel’s near term future and the implications for Apple

“Clearly, Intel has been in a funk lately. AMD has been hitting them so regularly that the old Intel Bunny Men are looking more like punching bags than mascots. At the Intel Developer’s Forum (IDF), where Intel talks to those who develop on their platforms, Intel went to a great deal of trouble to create the impression that they are coming back with a vengeance,” Rob Enderle writes for Designtechnica. “Uniquely to this IDF, there are strong implications for what Apple will have in the second half; for the first time in history, there is a promise that we will see the hardware OEMs (including Apple) go at each other with nearly identical technology. In addition, both Apple and Microsoft are expected to have new versions of their operating systems. It will be an interesting year.”

“It wouldn’t be IDF if there wasn’t a solid performance message. This time, Intel clearly had AMD in their sights. By a series of their products’ massive performance improvements, Intel hit the ball back into AMD’s court. With Microsoft’s Vista operating system coming out at the same time, Intel showed how they have the higher performing solution,” Enderle writes. “Clearly, we won’t know until final systems ship. But Intel presented their case strongly, suggesting they can match AMD, if not beat them.”

“Apple is now an Intel developer; while I didn’t see an Apple person at the event, I have no doubt there were several. The Apple folks aren’t stupid. Apple gets design. I have little doubt they saw a number of things from Intel and realized they now (as an Intel developer) can use any of it, too. Traditionally, the OEMs have been rather conservative when it comes to the more advanced concepts. This is why (even though Intel has done some wild things) laptops and desktops really haven’t changed much,” Enderle writes. “Apple isn’t conservative. I expect that many of the concepts we saw will be improved and released by that company in the second half. It’s worth the wait to discover whether the WinTel OEMs or Apple make the best use of this technology. I am looking forward to the fourth quarter, when we find out just how far some of these folks are willing to go. I have little doubt Apple will swing for the fences. I wonder how many of the WinTel OEMs will do the same?”

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  1. I agree, actually. Makes me feel kind of dirty.

    There is a new type of competition coming on as Macs go Intel. It really will be about the OS, ease of use, and im[plementation of cutting edge technologies. Fewer and fewer “dull little boxes,” I suspect.

  2. I doubt Apple will be using any of Intel’s ugly designs anytime soon. They have their own designers with taste obviously, but Intel’s chips will make more things possible, so I agree with Enderle in that aspect.

  3. Intel and Apple is a beautiful thing.

    Intel is the tech mfr giant with state of the art fab plants and technology,

    Apple is the BEST in the business at making products that are easy to use and most of all, COOL.

    This partnership frees Apple to focus on developing products with great guts inside.

    And btw, so what if Apple machines won’t boot Windows, who would want to?

    The answer will be a “protected” way of running Windows (and MS apps) inside OS-X with about a 5% penalty to overall efficiency over a comparable Dell PC, but a huge productivity efficiency gain (over Dell) by not having to configure hardware.

    Modern processor speeds and allowing direct calls to the processor will make the new “emulated” virtual PC on Mac plenty fast for running Windows stuff.

  4. “It’s worth the wait to discover whether the WinTel OEMs or Apple make the best use of this technology.”

    Apple. duh. The other OEM’s have been in this situation for years and have done little, if anything, with it. The situation now will be that in a year: Apple, with cutting edge designs and the rest of them, still with dull little boxes.

  5. What Apple has done to all the other MP3 player manufacturers, they are about to do to the PC manufacturers.
    I think having Intel, under the hood, is such a savvy move, they carry a huge brand awareness for the average guy. Like some sort of ‘stamp of approval’ that non-techies understand.
    I see a blood bath in the next few years.

  6. I have news for Enderle.

    Apple has been working VERY closely with Intel on a number of new products using Intel technology that hasn’t even seen the light of day (outside their labs).

    The standard OEMs and Microsoft are going to be in for quite a shock when Apple re-enters the hand-held space (oops, you didn’t hear it from me), as welll as some of the other projects that Enderle and his ilk have no clue about.

    Apparently Intel is thrilled at how gung-ho Apple is to push new products and innovate rather than just make a slightly faster Windows box.

    Yes, I do know people at Apple and Intel!

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