Forbes’ list of world’s richest people: Apple CEO Steve Jobs 140th with $4.4 billion

Apple CEO Steve Jobs lands at #140 on Forbes list of the world’s richest people which is topped for the twelfth straight year by The Empire’s Darth Vad…, er Microsoft’s Bill Gates with US$50 billion (up from $46.5 billion last year).

Forbes writes, “#140, Steve Jobs, $4.4 billion (up from #194, $3.0 billion last year): Apple icon riding high on iPod —Apple shares are up 70% in the past year—and his animation hit factory Pixar, which he agreed to sell to Disney for $7.4 billion. Music execs who grumble that Apple sells lots of iPods but not much music may have to change their tune: company’s iTunes site now selling 3 million songs a day, accounting for 83% of the downloadable music sold on the Internet. Now mobile phone carriers take aim at Apple, planning their own MP3 services, but Jobs trumps them with new iTunes-branded Motorola phone. Business equally rosy in Hollywood. Movies by animation powerhouse Pixar grossed $3.2 billion at worldwide box office. Underwent surgery for pancreatic cancer August 2004; back at work after a month.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Besides the usual list topper, the fact that Michael Dell now stands at #12 with $17.1 billion is a testimony to the power of marketing mediocrity to the masses; you don’t have to be great to get fabulously rich, just “good enough.”

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  1. Bah. Money is only one measurement of “Richness”. Living a valued life has more to do with love, compassion, and dedication than money. Steve Jobs puts love into Apple, and thats why Apple has a quality Microsoft NEVER will have. So Gates can suck it, in my opinion, Jobs is the real winner.

  2. yeah, it depends on yout situation. if you are rich enough, you don’t need to say such thing. unfortunately, money is power, you can do whatever you want. that’s true. that’s why humanity has been fallen down to ground. nobody respect you if you don’t have money regardless of education. that’s really sad.

  3. Intelligence = form of energy
    Money = form of energy

    Money = conversion of intelligence
    Intelligence = conversion of passion

    It is impossible to be smart and not have money.

    I don’t have money. i know i am obviously not smart enough.
    So i have to try harder, need more passion, how do i get passion.. mmm .. good food? no junk food, good exercise? good thinking? agressive behaviour?

    you dont have to be “intelligent” as in, know it all, all you need is enough intelligence to know enough to be able to say, this is worth my time, this is not worth my time, and pursue your goals.

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