Adobe Creative Suite 3 with Intel-based Mac support could be ready this year

“Adobe is working hard to release Creative Suite 3 before the end of year, sources have recently disclosed. While internal documents originally pointed to a release date in the first-half of 2007, Adobe is making a big push—and receiving significant help from Apple—to get the software package into customer hands this year. For Mac users, Creative Suite 3’s most notable feature will surely be native support for Apple’s new Intel-based systems,” Ryan Katz reports for Think Secret.

“While a 2006 release for Creative Suite 3 is by no means guaranteed, and likely would not arrive until the mid-to-late fourth quarter, it would jibe with Adobe’s intentions of revamping its major applicatons every 12-18 months, which Think Secret reported in 2004. Creative Suite 2… was released in April 2005,” Katz reports.

Full article here.

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  1. I really hope Adobe is able to release CS3 this year with the UI re-think and simplification.

    The Apple threat is driving them to simplify the suite, which is great, and I think keeping Steve happy is important nowadays after the Aperture shot across the bow.

    I really am looking forward to CS 3, and if it is this year, it prevents my boss from taking the crazy (and great) deal Quark offered us. (They are being very aggressive with companies who buy a lot of seats and trying to take advantage of the delay from Adobe.)

  2. Dear God,

    Please make the Pen tool in Photoshop and Illustrator work the same in both Illustrator and Photoshop. Please make the pen tool work the same way it did in Photoshop 7. I hate the functionality loss in CS2.

    Please restore the Selection Info that was available in Illustrator 8!!! so I can figure out what the pixel resolution of placed bitmap images is. I hate the functionality loss that occurred in version 9, but has never been restored.

  3. So shalt thou ask,

    So shalt . . .

    Aww, screw it! Who the hell am I kidding?
    This is Adobe we’re talking about. Formyson’ssake, there’s no way I’ll be able to light a fire under their asses.

    Your on yer own.

  4. Thank you Tommy Boy. Good points. It’s pretty frustrating to lose those “little” productivity features. As far as pen tools working the same, I also think it should be standardized. I wonder if the separate application teams ever meet with each other to discuss intuitive and consistent user experience…

    [ While we’re at it, how about making Illustrator as stable as v5.5 and make it actually create simple, SMALL vector based files again. ]

    Could you imagine Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign running as smoothly as Final Cut Pro or other Apple SW? I hope this (CS3) represents a major step up for these major Adobe products. After buying Macromedia, they pretty much own the creative app market. A move to eliminate the accumulated bloat and genuinely improve platform specific functionality (using core image where possible) would prove that they are not going to use their size to bully the end user (and add confidence/motivation to those creative app using PCers thinking of switching).

  5. I would love to see identical functionality throughout CS, like the point increase/decrease on the text size in Illustrator. I’d love for that to be in PS too. Those types of things should be exactly the same in PS, Illustrator, and ID. GoLive too where applicable, but it wouldn’t always be. I really can’t understand why that hasn’t happened yet.

  6. How would it ‘jibe’?
    They’re releasing a new version every 12-18 months and last quarter 2006 would be about 15-18 months after the April 2005 release of CS2…

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