Apple CFO: ‘We will do nothing to preclude Windows from running on Intel-based Macs’

“Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer said Tuesday that more than 1,000 applications have been ported to the Intel-based Macintosh platform, but he admitted that some key software is experiencing performance challenges,” Edward Moltzen reports for CRN. “Speaking at the Morgan Stanley Semiconductor and Systems Conference, Oppenheimer said Apple is still running about a year ahead of its planned transition to the Intel platform. ‘There are 1,000 applications that are universal today, with more coming,’ he said. But some applications, such as Adobe Photoshop, haven’t been optimized for the Intel Macs, Oppenheimer added,” Edward Moltzen reports for CRN. “At the Morgan Stanley conference, Oppenheimer sought to reassure the market that major Mac applications are on track to be optimized for the Intel-based Mac platform.”

“Oppenheimer also reiterated Apple’s strategy of allowing Intel Macs to run virtual versions of Windows operating systems, but he stopped short of saying that Apple would do technical work to make that possible. ‘We will do nothing to preclude Windows from running on Intel-based Macs,’ he said,” Moltzen reports. “He also characterized recent security threats for the Mac OS X operating system as ‘harmless, proof-of-concept threats,’ adding that they have had ‘negligible impact.'”

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  1. The more I think about it, I don’t want my MacIntel to dual boot.

    I something like VirtualPC to boot disk images of Windows from within OS X.

    That way windows won’t screw up my machine and any messes it causes will be trapped to that virtual boot image.

  2. Amen MegaMe! I haven’t been keeping up with a lot of the technology but there are certain things I know I do NOT want when/if Windows apps run natively on Apple Mac hardware. I don’t want them to run natively in Mac OS X if such a thing could ever be possible. Of course you’d be getting native speeds out of these Windows only apps. But other Windows only apps I can think of that would also run at native speeds would be viri and other M$ plagues.

    I also don’t want Windows running natively on my hardware for one simple reason: Windows destroys the hardware because it’s such a poorly written and completely unoptimized POS.

    Windows-only programmers: Nothing’s going to change…your current platform is garbage. Start writing native OS X apps and realize the potential your apps could have.

  3. I absolutely agree with MegaMe. Keep that stuff away from my computer.

    It’s the OS, people … this weird assumption that people will switch over to Macs in droves because they can suddenly run Windows on it is just absurd. Does anyone actually believe that people use iMacs because they just happen to have a fetish for opaque white plastic?

  4. functus,

    I think the idea is to be able to run Windows app’s natively WITHOUT having to install the Windows OS on our Mac’s, via some 3rd party software “emulator/translator” (for lack of a better term). This would be DIFFERENT from using Virtual PC or from dual-booting into Windows and OS X.

  5. I’ve had a version of Virtual PC for about a year now when I got Office for Mac and I’ve been afraid to put in on my machine so far. I finally decided to try it today and chickened out halfway in because I just don’t want to go back to the days of Windows issues here at home. I’ve installed Windows countless times before, but after doing to OS X installs on a work iMac, and seeing how easy those are, I couldn’t bring myself to suffer through another Windows install.

    Unless I come up with a more compelling reason to NEED a Windows installation at home I just don’t feel like taking the chance that it will mess up my trouble free Mac experience. What has everyone else’s experience with Virtual PC been? It won’t tip me towards installing it, but I’d be interested to know.

  6. nsapap,

    I agree with you – running Windows apps without the Windows OS would be the ultimate.

    Personally, I think Microsoft is exploring what VPC will look like on Intel-base Macs. VPC may not be running virtual Intel machines with Windows and Window applications. The Intel processor is already there. So, what can be done to just run the Windows app with as little intervening code in between Mac OS X and the application?

  7. Scared of Windoze – Virtual PC will not mess up your Mac. Windows can be kept in a safe virtual machine that uses single Mac files for the entire Windows operating file system. A virus will be harmless. A virus could effect your Mac if you share your Mac root folder with VirtualPC. Don’t do that, but a single folder would be safe. You can also drag and drop files between the OSes.

    Don’t sweat it. Virtual PC is safe. VirtualPC/VMWare is the best way to run Windows on your Mac. Dual-boot will not save you. You’ll also run into problems with disk drive formatting. OS X will run slower on Fat32. Vista doesn’t run on Win32 if my information is correct.

  8. ‘We will do nothing to preclude Windows from running on Intel-based Macs

    read into this very carefully, it’s been repeated twice now

    Microsoft has responded publically by saying they won’t make a Vista version for Mactels.

    But again the statement from Apple appears again. Like they are asking for something.

    Is Apple telling Microsoft that they won’t block a Vista version for Mactels through their hardware?

    Is Apple going to change from selling strictly Mac OS X on their machines to giving people the option to install either OS X or Vista when they buy a new Mac?

    This is what it sounds like.

    Look at the facts, Apple is building a ton of stores in high traffic locations. The mass of potential buyers to those stores are PC users.

    Apple could make a lot of money selling Vista on new Apple hardware.

    After all Apple wouldn’t have to support Vista, all they support is the hardware.

  9. re: ‘We will do nothing to preclude Windows from running on Intel-based Macs read into this very carefully, it’s been repeated twice now”

    You are really stretching here. Tell my why anyone would want to run Vista on Apple hardware?

    I think the best solution is a Virtual PC or the like protected environment for Windows to run in. That is what I have. I need Windows for a couple of work related things, and that is what I use. It is a bit slower, and if I was into games, I would not use it, but it serves very well for what I use it for.

    It then becomes a part of the overall Mac experience, in other words, a computer that does everything I want with no hassles.

    Therefore, even less reason than ever to consider a Windows OS computer. Extend that idea a little further. So then,why then bother to develope software for Windows when you can just as well develop for OSX . Think outside “the box” a little and you could easily come to that conclusion.

    Inless, sitting there in the closet, you really think deep down that Windows is better, and I think some of you do.

  10. If it’s there for the taking, then Microsoft must create an operating system for Apple hardware.

    It is the DNA of that company to create the software for such a technological vacuum. There is Apple hardware, customers need sine Windows compatibility, therefore MS must provide in an appealing way for the customers.

    The fact they are not jumping at this speaks volumes of the nimbleness of their infrastructure.

    It’s a bit of a pandora’s box — they must make a move here but it could be unfavorable. But again, here’s the opening, and the company exists to take that opening!

    MDN MW = “peace” yeah, boy!

  11. Microsoft can’t so far create a good OS for Windows, I think they would be taking on the impossible to create even a vaguely acceptable OS for Apple hardware.

    Might be entertaining to watch them try…………” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

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