Intel to launch 64-bit Core Duo successor ‘Merom’ in September

“Intel is on track to introduce its next-generation mobile processor ‘Merom,’ which will also serve for as foundation for a range of desktop and server processors, in September of this year, TG Daily has learned. Merom will launch at 2.33 GHz and bring 64-bit capability to a refreshed mobile processor platform, code-named Napa64,” Wolfgang Gruener writes for TG Daily. “Within the past two weeks, Intel introduced what is most likely, its broadest processor introduction in the firm’s history. At CES, Core Duo was announced and, according to Intel, is available in well more than 230 designs, 110 of which are Viiv entertainment center PCs. And while Apple is still promoting the launch of the first Intel processor in its systems, sources provided us first details about the successor of the CPU.”

“Intel apparently has scheduled the launch of Merom for September of this year. Back in Fall of 2005, it had been speculated that Merom would arrive very early in Q3 of 2006 and possibly could have been the processor Apple wanted to use for its transition into the x86 world. Whether Merom is delayed or not, a September delivery date was too late for Apple to make the x86 move in order to be able complete the transition buy the end of 2006. Core Duo therefore was the obvious choice,” Gruener writes. “Sources told TG Daily that Merom silicon as part of the Napa64 platform (Calistoga chipset) is on track, but currently shows higher power consumption levels than the company anticipated. Preliminary tests also revealed than power consumption under Vista is about 5 to 10% higher than under Windows XP. Intel plans to introduce Merom at 2.33 GHz, with the option to also offer 2.5 GHz, if thermal design power (TDP) goals can be achieved.”

More info in the full article here.

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  1. Something tells me that Intel really likes having Apple on board. From the comments I have seen in the past, they were somewhat disappointed is Microsoft’s reluctance to move forward with new technology. The way Apple is always pushing the envelope, they should be a bit happier. It may even force the PC universe to quicken it step just to keep up.

  2. What will they call the new DeskTops?

    How about TowerMac and TowerMac Pro. The word ‘tower’ give a sense of grandeur and strength.

    What ever they call the big buggers they will most probably be very exciting machines that everyone will want.

    Can’t wait till it happens. We live in exciting times.


  3. Intel is on track to introduce Quad-Core processors in 2007. A pair of those in a MacPro is something to look forward to.

    Thank God (and uncle Steve) for not going with the Playstation CPU or some equally stupid move.

  4. Ok folks you intel luvers are so blind the powerpc had lots more to offer but now it dont matter enymore becouse your big cahuna rock star ceo desided to make a halfassed quick desison. Intel is in the shitter becouse of amd an probly gave apple cheap parts to they can make more money which is all they care about enymore.

    sony is makin much cooler looking hardware to apple and when vista comes apple will just be a dead body with a sqashed head.

  5. Hey MacDud…English lessons? Oh, and Intel is hardly in the shitter. And what did the PPC have to offer, beyond water cooling, failed roadmaps and the possibility of a 6-inch-thick PowerBook G5…?

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