Cingular to launch ‘Cingular Video’ on-demand 3G wireless mobile TV service

“Cingular is expected to announce on Tuesday an on-demand mobile TV service that runs over its new 3G wireless network,” Marguerite Reardon reports for CNET News. “The service–called Cingular Video–allows viewers to select short three- to five-minute clips from 18 different channels, including selections from shows airing on the Cartoon Network, NBC and ESPN. Cingular has also partnered with media companies to offer exclusive content from sources such as Fox News, which will offer short clips of news, and HBO, which will offer clips of ‘The Sopranos,’ ‘Sex and the City,’ ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ and ‘Entourage.'”

“Cingular Video will be available free of charge to Cingular customers purchasing an unlimited 3G data package, which costs $19.99 per month. The data package also allows for unlimited text messaging, e-mailing and picture sharing over the network. To receive clips from HBO, customers will have to subscribe to a premium channel, which costs $4.99 per month,” Reardon reports. “Mobile operators, such as Cingular, are hoping mobile TV is a big hit with consumers… But some studies suggest that Americans may not be interested watching TV on their cell phones. About 75 percent of roughly 1,000 people polled said they had no interest in watching TV on their cells, according to a survey conducted by RBC Capital Markets.”

Full article here.

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  1. I don’t get why people would want this. I see Verizon ads for music videos and music on demand. Why would I want to get TV on my cell phone. None of them have a screen the size of an iPod. If they did, I’d consider it.

  2. This is as funny as the Verizon music ads that contrive reasons why you have to download a song RIGHT NOW! Yes, when my wife is trying on clothes in a store, she often needs to hear a specific song IMMEDIATELY. And she doesn’t already have a copy. I shake my head whenever I see that commercial. It’s a music service for retards. And now there’s a video service just as stupid.

  3. So people complained about the screen size of the video enabled iPod. I wonder what those same people would say about the screen size of a video cell phone.(Stupid idea) Sheesh…

    Why dont the celular companies use that R&D money to see how they can make the cell network better…

  4. There are times when i would watch TV on my phone, or ipod, or MSFT media center brick.

    The big trick? I already pay $50+ bucks a month for cable why should I spend even more for something i will watch maybe 5 hours a year?

    let alone that 5 minutes of video will halve most cell phone batteries

  5. What 3 to 5 minute videos are worth watching much less paying a subscription fee for?

    MTV? gak

    Fox News clips? gak

    Any News clips? gak

    Movie previews? gak

    This is definitely a feature looking for a market.

    And they spent how many billions to provide this?

    Really, why didn’t they spend the R&D money improving service or creating a better phone?

  6. I have zero desire to watch TV on my phone. I’m still waiting on wireless carriers to deliver phones that work well as phones. I don’t need a phone/tv/media player/web device/food dehydrator.

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