Keyspan’s new TuneView wireless remote with color LCD screen for Apple iPod, iTunes

Keyspan announced its new TuneView Remote, together with accessories that enable users to browse and control an Apple iPod or Apple’s iTunes music jukebox application.

Featuring an LCD screen and 2-way RF connectivity, the TuneView Remote displays the contents of your music library — making it easy to fully control music without touching an iPod or computer. When used in conjunction with Keyspan’s TuneView Dock for iPod, a TuneView Remote gives users the ability to not only play/pause, adjust volume and change tracks but to see the contents of the iPod, as well. It’s an entirely new way to remotely manage music on an iPod.

The dock features an ARM7 processor and 2-way radio. The remote feature a 2-way radio and color LCD screen. Keyspan’s TuneView technology enables information about your music to be transmitted from the iPod dock to the remote’s LCD, allowing you to control the iPod as if it were in your hands. Keyspan’s TuneView products deliver comprehensive iPod data around the house or office.

The TuneView Dock for iPod conforms to Apple’s “Universal Dock” design. Simply pop in a dock adapter to perfectly fit any iPod with a dock connector. The dock is designed for use with all 4G and 5G iPods including click wheel iPods, the iPod mini, the iPod nano, and the iPod with video. The dock includes a USB power adapter, USB cable, audio cable (3.5mm stereo to dual RCA) and three dock adapters.

When used with Keyspan’s TuneView USB adapter, the TuneView Remote can be used to remotely manage iTunes running on a Mac or PC. With the ability to see your music when not at the computer, it’s now much more convenient to use a PC or Mac as a music server for your house or office. The TuneView USB adapter plugs into a USB port on a PC or Mac. TuneView software is provided to manage the interaction between iTunes and the TuneView Remote. TuneView USB works with Windows 2000, Windows XP and Mac OS X.

The TuneView Remote has an MSRP of $99. The TuneView Dock for iPod has an MSRP of $79. Both will be available in May. The TuneView USB adapter has an MSRP of $39 and will be available this summer.

More info here.

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  1. should run front row as the other keyspans do, i use one for front row and alchemy tv on my g5 dual and its now a great media center, this could make it even better, doesnt appear to be on the link yet though

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