Reader report: 1080p 24fps playback on Mac mini Core Duo plays fine

“I was one of the most skeptical when it came to [Apple’s new Intel-based Mac mini] playing back 1080p h.264 video. Well, the proof is in… i just did it,” writes a long time MacDailyNews reader who wishes to remain anonymous.

The Mac mini’s “About This Mac” dialog box:

Mission: Impossible III trailer screenshot (24 fps.):

Superman Returns 1080p, 24 fps. This is looking good:

The anonymous MDN reader explains, “One thing that is for sure – it is working HARD to do this… its not just lollygagin’ thru it…. check out the CPU-o-Meters… Trying the XMen 3 trailer at the part where its going from scene to scene to scene in rapid succession – this should choke it… Nope. it does it fine.”

Anon concludes, “It passes. It’s working hard, but it passes. The Mac mini dual core – even with only 512 megs of ram and NO dedicated video ram or separate video card CAN decode and playback 1080p mpeg-4/avc (h.264) 24pfs footage without losing frames.”

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  1. Wow, that’s pretty impressive, considering how much it taxes my dual 2.5GHz G5. Obviously they built this sucker with specs just high enough to crank out full HD video. Good for Apple!

  2. just my little notices…

    “a long time MacDailyNews reader who wishes to remain anonymous….
    Anon concludes….”

    unless Anon stands for anonymous, i think we have a penname.

    “One thing that is for sure – it is working HARD to do this… Nope. it does it fine.”

    a bit contradictory but i guess it works.

  3. I ordered mine with 2GB of RAM. Based on this news, it should be a downright party! Woooo Hooooooo! I received my iPod HiFi yesterday and boy does it sound great! I can’t wait my Mac Mini Media Center to get here. HURRY!!!!!

  4. Whew…all excited about a machine that plays videos…blargh. I would never, never, never buy a computer with its main purpose being so it could play videos. I don´t play games on the computer either, but game players are at least more interactive with their computer than video watchers.
    Is there really that big of a market for people to hook up a macmini to a TV screen to use it to watch semi-okay quality videos?

  5. That superman screenshot doesn´t look so great to me. Show us a video of it running. (video camera recording video running on the screen) Hmmm….wonder why Apple doesn´t have one on their website to demonstrate it working.

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