Caribou Coffee launches Apple iTunes Store and iPod giveaways in U.S. national promotion

The Caribou Coffee Company, Inc. will launch “Wake Up and Smell the Music,” its first national multi-media advertising promotion with an instant win game on March 1, 2006, offering Apple iTunes and iPod giveaways with a total of 31,833 prizes. One lucky winner of the “Wake Up and Smell the Music” game will win 1,000 iTunes music downloads or $1,000 on a Caribou Coffee Card.

Other prizes include 20 winners of 30 GB Apple iPods and 75 winners of a three-month tour of Caribou Coffee, a “culinary tour” where two one-pound bags of select coffees grown in the finest coffee growing regions from around the world are delivered to the winners’ homes for three months. Forty winners will receive Caribou Coffee for a year with their choice of one pound of coffee delivered to their home each month.

This is the first national, multi-media advertising promotion for Caribou Coffee, the second largest non-franchised coffee house chain in the United States. The “Wake Up and Smell the Music” campaign will incorporate radio, print and online advertising as well as e-mail, in-store POP materials, messaging on receipts, and out of store flyers distributed via guerilla marketing in three of its largest markets: Chicago, Washington D.C. and Atlanta.

The campaign’s promotion slogan, “Great Coffee. Great Music. How Cool Is That?” features the creative voice of a caribou animal with sunglasses and an attitude, that says, “Hey, Wake Up and Smell the Music.” The radio spots feature a loyal Caribou Coffee customer who CANsmell the music and tries to teach another Caribou Coffee customer how to smell the music and enjoy life.

Caribou Coffee CEO Michael J. Coles said in a statement, “I believe that Caribou Coffee and Apple are two of the strongest brands in the market today. Both brands deliver a unique experience to customers in a fun, engaging and non-traditional way. Our ‘Wake Up and Smell the Music’ promotion gives customers a chance to not only win great-tasting Caribou coffee but also to win iPods and iTunes music downloads from Apple. Getting a chance to win great prizes with your morning cup of coffee – how cool is that?”

Caribou Coffee will sticker more than 5 million cups during the month-long promotion and hopes to reach more than 7 million new customers to entice them to try Caribou Coffee. The promotion reflects the core values of the Caribou Coffee brand and reminds customers that because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, work hard, have fun and enjoy today. This is embodied in the company’s motto that “Life is short. Stay awake for it.”

Game Details: Beginning March 1, 2006, customers who purchase a qualifying beverage at any of Caribou Coffee’s more than 400 stores in the U.S. will receive a code that can be entered online to play the instant win game until April 7, 2006. No purchase is necessary and the code can be obtained directly online. Customers that do not live in Caribou Coffee markets can play online. The first-time player will need to register by providing an email address, name and postal address. The game can be played once a day and players must be 16 years of age or older to play. All U.S. residents are eligible except for residents of New York and Florida. Each winner will receive an email confirmation with instructions on how to redeem their prize.

The “Wake Up and Smell the Music”Promotion will engage the following elements in its multi-media advertising promotion:
• Online Game: Players use their mouse to position a coffee bean over a Caribou Coffee cup; if the bean lands in the cup, the player is a winner.
• Online Tell A Friend: Players can email a friend about the promotion and earn an extra chance to win.
• Radio: Caribou Coffee radio spots will run during a 4-week schedule of 60 sec. a.m. drive time and other day part spots and 10 second traffic sponsorships in Minnesota, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus and Charlotte.
• Newspaper: Two full-page national ads will run in USA Today and one full-page ad will run in the Star Tribune in Minneapolis; other ads will run in The Washington Post, Detroit News/Free Press and The Atlanta Journal Constitution.
• Email: A teaser e-mail and an e-newsletter will be distributed to Caribou Coffee customers who have registered for e-mail.
• Online Advertising: Targeted online banner ads will be used to drive traffic to Caribou Coffee stores and to the website.
• Guerilla Marketing: Promotional flyers that include a BOGO (buy-one-get-one-free) offer will be distributed in Chicago, Washington D.C. and Atlanta in high traffic areas.
• In-Store Collateral: Caribou Coffee stores will receive a full kit of in-store point-of-sale collateral including posters, window clings and table tents. Messaging will also be included.

Eligible players have a chance of winning the following “Wake Up and Smell the Music” prizes:
• 1 winner of 1,000 iTunes music downloads or $1,000 on a Caribou Coffee Card
• 3 winners of 500 iTunes music downloads or $500 on a Caribou Coffee Card
• 10 winners of 250 iTunes music downloads
• 21 winners of 200 iTunes music downloads
• 53 winners of 100 iTunes music downloads
• 110 winners of 50 iTunes music downloads
• 1,500 winners of 20 iTunes music downloads
• 5,000 winners of 10 iTunes music downloads
• 20 winners of 30 GB iPods
• 40 winners of Caribou Coffee for a year
• 75 winners of a three-month tour of Caribou Coffee
• 25,000 winners of a Free Drink at Caribou Coffee

Minneapolis-based Caribou Coffee Company, Inc. is the second largest non-franchised coffee house chain in the United States with 400 stores in 15 states and the District of Columbia. Caribou Coffee opened its first store in December 1992 in Minneapolis. Today, over 5,800 people work for Caribou Coffee. For more information about the “Wake Up and Smell the Music” giveaway visit:

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